Why SportDOG In-ground Fences Are Great For Hunting Dogs

In-ground fences are quite popular these days because of their many advantages over the other fence types. With in-ground fences, you allow your dog to run around freely in your yard without any physical restrictions. Dogs are not supposed to be restricted in small spaces if they are to have the best and healthiest experience.

These listed above are just the general benefits of all in-ground fences such as the ones manufactured by SportDOG. A few other reasons why SportDOG in-door fences are perfect for hunting dogs are discussed below.

Reinforces Boundaries

Just like all other pets, dog need boundaries or else they will be all over the place. Having in-ground fences allows the dog to roam around freely but limits how far the dog can go. The static correction the fence issues when the dog goes beyond the set area works very well in notifying the dog where the invisible boundary is. With time, the dog will learn not to go beyond the area or face the consequences.

Boundary reinforcement is particularly helpful with hunting dogs as you want them to know how far they can go. If you have a vast piece of land, give your dog enough space to enjoy. The good thing about SportDOG fences is that they can cover many acres of land so you do not have to always be around to prevent the dog from going beyond the boundaries.

Complements the Dog Collar

SportDOG In-ground fence system can be used as part of your dog training supplies together with the dog collar. This is especially so if you are using an e-collar. The static correction produced by the fences is the same one you will get from e-collars. This will make it easier for you to train your dog not to go past certain boundaries. The dog already recognizes the static correction and you will not have to train him from scratch.

Encourages the Dog to Explore

Dogs like exploring their surroundings. Having SportDOG in-ground fences allows your dog to explore his surroundings without limitations. The fences are not visible, even to the dog, and thus the dog can move freely within the set area. With other physical fences, the dog may feel constrained in one place and may be less active and may not explore. You may even go for these exploration escapades to build a stronger bond with your dog.

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