Why Do Pets Love Filtered Water?

It doesn't matter whether it's a hot day or if your pooch is just coming home after a long walk, pets love the taste of nice, clean water. Drinking water is extremely more enjoyable when it's as clean as possible for your pet. However, it's nearly impossible to continually restock a pet bowl with a fresh supply of water every few hours.

Luckily there are options for pet owners who care about the quality of water their pets are consuming. Within the last few years there have been great advances in the pet supply market for affordable pet fountains. These modern, charcoal filtered water bowls give pets the feeling that they're drinking from a fresh stream, and the taste is greatly enhanced, too.

How the Filters Work

Just like rivers and streams, the more movement a body of water has, the cleaner it becomes. The unsteadiness of the surface tension of water creates the aeration that makes for clean water. With modern pet fountains, charcoal filters are used to run all of the water through before it reaches your pet's mouth. These replaceable filters remove chlorine, odor and loose particles in the water bowl without leaving any bad taste in the water supply. If you're wondering if it leaves a "charcoal taste," it doesn't. They high-end filters are the best way to keep your dog's water clean and crisp. Most Drinkwell Water Fountains use a replaceable carbon or charcoal filter to keep the water fresh.

According to Drinkwell's website, each of their fountains are designed to last for a long time, with typical maintenance. The filters generally last around a month and the motors can last as long as four years before it needs replacing. The fountains also benefit from a bi-weekly cleaning to keep your pooch healthy.

Benefits of Pet Fountains

Some pets don't drink enough water. Drinkwell fountains were designed to appeal to an animal's natural instinct to drink from moving bodies of water. The sleek design is also welcoming to pets that may be timid about trying out a new bowl. The attractive bowls have been said to prevent urinary disease and promote healthy kidney functions in pets that don't drink enough water. Also, if your pet is easily overheated, a clean water supply could be just the thing to cool it down.

Dr. Mary Burns, a respected veterinarian and pet lover, developed the first Drinkwell Pet Fountain in 1995 because she saw that her cat only liked drinking water out of a running faucet. This is actually a common trait with house cats that picky about the water they drink. Her invention was able to satisfy her pesky cat's craving while keeping it hydrated. Today, there are pets all over the world that drink from Dr. Burns' patented pet fountain design.

For more information on which pet fountain is right for your cat or dog, give Pet Street Mall a call 1-800-957-5753, we are experts on the various models of pet fountains.

By Sean Bowes
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