Why Do Dogs Drink From the Toilet?

The toilet: some view it as a throne while others see it as a den of disgust. Dogs, on the other hand, see it as a convenient source of water. If you're a dog owner, you've probably walked in on your dog drinking from the toilet, but why do dogs decide that the toilet is such a great oasis?

If your dog prefers drinking from the toilet, you need to provide him with a better alternative.
Most dogs have two choices when it comes to their water supply: their water dish and the toilet. Unfortunately, many dogs choose the toilet because that is where they'll find fresher water. That's right; the water in the toilet is fresher! Fresher toilet water happens because many owners use water dishes that don't filter the water, which causes the water to become stale and stagnant. Stagnant water allows bacteria to develop and is even dangerous to a dog. Water that is moving, on the other hand, holds more oxygen. With more oxygen in the water, the water is fresher and less likely to contain bacteria.

Another reason that dogs choose to drink from the toilet is that there is a better taste. The better taste occurs because the water in the toilet bowl is being contained by porcelain. The porcelain doesn't poison the taste of the water like metal and plastic bowls do.

Cool, Refreshing Water
In addition to the taste, the porcelain toilet bowl keeps the water cooler and even filters the water every time there is a flush. Instinctively, dogs are wild animals. Out in nature, dogs drink from cool creeks and refreshing rivers, so why would it be any different at home. If a dog owner wants to get a dog to stop drinking from the toilet, it’s important to supply a fresh, cold water supply.

Drinkwell Pet Fountains are the best way to provide dogs and cats with clean, refreshing water.
Provide a Better Alternative
Truth is, drinking from the toilet can be dangerous for a dog. The toilet bowl is a playground of bacteria. Even extremely clean bowls contain chemicals and cleaning supplies that can be dangerous to a dog's health. The key to getting a dog to stop drinking from the toilet is to provide him with a more appealing water source.

The best tool for providing fresh water is the Drinkwell Pet Fountain. Drinkwell fountains use constant filtration to eliminate the bacteria that can ruin the taste of your dog's water. The constant filtration also helps to keep the water cool and provides incentive to keep your dog away from the toilet!

By: Tim Snyder
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