Why Choose Wicker?

In Ancient Egypt, royalty decorated the inside of their tombs with wicker furniture and baskets.
Hundreds of years ago wicker was made from reed and swamp grasses. In Ancient Egypt, middle class families would decorate their homes with small wicker pieces like corner tables and baskets while royalty would garnish their tombs with dozens of chests and chairs to enjoy in the afterlife.

Today different types of furniture are made from imitation wicker that provides families with an affordable, stylish and cleaner option to furnish their homes. The new wicker-like material is more durable than the originals, and they are easier to clean which is perfect for pet owners.

Wicker Dog Crates

Crate training can be one of the hardest parts about owning a dog. However, once your pooch is comfortable in their crate, it makes the responsibilities of being a pet owner so much easier. Once trained, a dog considers their crate their own personal area and will eventually choose their crate over couches, sofas and love seats.

The latest in stylish dog crates are certainly Wicker Dog Crates. The new wicker-styled dog crates add a taste of luxury to your home, which look more refined than the original heavy, steel dog crates that you're used to seeing in the corner of houses. The Wicker Dog Crates are finished with a synthetic weave called Rhino Wicker, which is safe for your pet, durable and doesn't absorb fluids or odors making cleaning them a breeze. They also feature an elevated base to protect your floors.

There is one downside to the luxurious Wicker Dog Crates. Due to the weave pattern of the wicker, it makes it tempting, especially for puppies, to chew on. These new crates are ideal for pooches that are already crate trained.

Which Size Crate To Choose
It doesn't matter what material your crate is made from when it comes down to choosing the proper size cage for your pet. Contrary to popular belief, there is such a thing as a dog crate that is too big. According to the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APBT), the right size crate depends on the expected weight and size of your specific breed.

Most manufacturers list dog crate sizes from Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Here is a list to help you find out what size your particular pooch will be to help you with your crate shopping. Crate training for a puppy is a bit more difficult, but many crates have a moveable wall that can make the size of the crate adjustable for growing pups.

  • Small Dogs - Any dog that weigh less than 20 lbs.
  • Medium Sized Dogs - Dogs that weight between 21 and 60 lbs.
  • Large Dogs - Dogs ranging from 60 - 100 Lbs.
  • Extra Large Dogs - Any dog that will weigh more than 100 lbs.

When you have chosen the right sized crate, it makes training much easier. A larger crate encourages your pet to use the bathroom in the corners of the cage and small crates can make your dog uncomfortable and anxious, which promotes barking and howling when you leave the house. The right crate can make everyone happier, including your neighbors.

If you have any questions on what size or style of crate to purchase, do not hesitate to contact the Pet Street Mall with any questions or concerns. We are happy to help animal lovers with information on our products.

By Sean Bowes
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