Vitamins Can Help Battle Mental Decline Found in Older Dogs

When certain dogs get older, they start to be fearful of their surroundings.
When dogs are young puppies, they have an innate curiosity that adds to their overall cuteness. They love to run around the house and explore every crack and crevice; it's part of the stimulation that they need. But as dogs get older, they often lose some of their natural spunk.

Your Dog Will Become Frightened
Research has shown that as dogs age, all of their senses deteriorate. They can no longer see as well, or hear as well, or smell as well. This is a natural deterrent of curiosity and mental activity in itself. Also sadly, it creates a disorienting effect in a dog. Have you ever seen an older dog staring at a wall? Or seen him wandering aimlessly? Sometimes, they even begin to vocalize more by moaning and grunting.

All of these symptoms are signs that a dog is feeling lost and oftentimes scared. Commonly, owners report that older dogs are also beginning to become clingy. They stay right by their owner's side and become extremely anxious when the owner leaves the house. Now, doctors and veterinarians are linking these common problems to Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome.

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome
Once upon a time, Cognitive Dysfunction was simply called senile/old dog syndrome, a name that reflects the lack of information that was privy to people. Now, as research and new information has become available, doctors and vets have been able to pinpoint the dynamics of this syndrome.

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome effects over 50% of dogs.
Cognitive Dysfunction is a syndrome that slowly causes a decline in certain mental faculties: recognition, memory, thinking, and behavior. Many researchers have likened the disease to a doggy Alzheimer's. Unfortunately, it is believed that upwards of fifty percent of dogs suffer from the syndrome in one or more areas.

Some of the most common behaviors of a dog suffering from Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome include:
  • Peeing and pooping inside of the house
  • Getting stuck in places because he can't figure a way out
  • He appears to be more irritable and starts to randomly growl and bark
  • Sleeps more during the day and stays awake at night
  • Unable to recognize family members and other pets

Provide Relief
Unfortunately, there are no definitive cures for mental aging, but there are a number of things that owners can do to help. One of the best remedies is regular exercise. Exercise and activity have been proven to help dog's cognitive abilities. Just the process of taking a daily walk gives dogs something to look forward to and helps to give their life meaning. This can go a long way in keeping their mind sharp.

Another thing owners can do is give their dogs a daily dose of vitamins. If this is done from a young age, a dog's likelihood of suffering from Cognitive Dysfunction symptoms will dramatically decrease. In fact, certain vitamins- Prudence Pet Cognitive Health Puppy Supplements- are specifically designed to combat against these mental problems.

Remember, aging is never easy, especially for dogs that don't live as long as us humans. So, as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to help with this transition and make your dog's life the best that it can possibly be!

By: Tim Snyder
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