Training and Stimulation Will Keep Your Dog in His Pen

As many owners already know, dogs are always trying to escape their dog pen. Luckily, these urges that your dog often has can be eradicated through stimulation and proper training.

Proper Training
When being placed in any new confining environment, it is important that a dog be properly trained. Without the proper training, a dog will often times become panicked and look for ways to escape. Some tips for keeping your pup happy inside of his pen include:

  1. Gradually introduce him to his pen, initially with the door open.
  2. Feed him his meals in the pen.
  3. Lengthen his stays little by little
  4. When he is first being trained to be in the pen, don't leave him until he feels comfortable. Instead, stay near him and talk to him until he is adjusted.

For more detailed information on this type of training, check out our dog crate training page.

Stimulation is Important

The Busy Buddy Bristle Bone is a great toy for keeping your dog occupied. It also helps to keep his teeth clean!
If your dog is alone in his play pen for extended periods of time, it is important that he has stimulation. Dogs actually need an average of about 6 hours of stimulation per day, but this range can vary depending on the dog. Stimulation can include eating, playing, interacting, etc. If your dog spends a lot of time barking, he may be lacking a certain amount of stimulation. Without stimulation, your dog may feel the need to escape for his pen.

One way to keep him stimulated is to provide him with toys while he is in his pen. Just like with a child, toys can keep your dog occupied for hours. There are a wide range of toys out there to choose from, so try all different kinds until you find your dog's own personal favorite.

Before putting your dog in his pen, it is important for your dog to get his fair share of exercise. Exercise helps to stimulate his mind and tire him out, which will make him more willing to relax when he is in his pen.

Classical music has proven to relieve a dog's stress and researchers at Colorado State are advising that it be used for kenneled dogs.
According to a study conducted at Colorado State University, "The kennel environment, even for short periods, is a potential psychogenic stressor for most dogs owing to its novel surroundings and separation from social attachment figures." The stress that comes from this isolated environment has been linked to health issues, shorter life spans, and a variety of skin disorders. The study goes on to state that auditory stimulation is helpful in providing your dog with the stimulation he needs. So, leaving the radio on in your garage can help your dog be entertained and avoid the health issues that come along with isolation anxiety.

If you have any further questions about dog pens, feel free to e-mail or call us at Pet Street Mall anytime. We love all animals and take pride in providing you with any information you may need.

By: Tim Snyder
Works Cited
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