Today's Most Famous, Charming, and Outrageous Dog Houses

Dogs have come a long way in the past 50 years. It used to be that dogs were content chewing on a bone and sitting near the fireplace next to their master. Pretty soon, all of that changed. Manufacturers started coming out with new dog products and new dog houses to help pups be a little happier and a little more comfortable. Because of this, dogs have never felt more at ease being themselves, just ask Spuds Mackenzie (check out the video to the right). Part of this dog revolution comes from the evolution of the dog house. Here are some of today's most famous, charming, and outrageous dog houses, some of which may be available for you!

  1. Outrageous- Paris Hilton's pool side designer dog house is two stories and features a downstairs living room, an upstairs bedroom and closet (aimed at storing her dog's extensive wardrobe), a balcony, and a fenced in yard. The home also has furniture, a heater, an air conditioner, black ceiling moldings, and a black chandelier. All of these accessories are aimed at satisfying her dogs: Tinkerbell, Marilyn Monroe, Prince Baby Bear, Dolce, and Prada. The home is listed at an astounding 325,000 dollars!

  2. Charming- The Barn Dog House is made from fir wood and features a dry interior room as well as a cool, breezy porch area. The dimensions of this home are:
    • Interior- 29 inches H x 30 inches W x 27.5 inches D
    • Exterior- 35 inches H x 47 inches W x 39 inches D
    • Door- 14 inches H x 11 inches W
    • Porch- 9.5 inches H x 18 inches W x 14 inches D
    This house is perfect for any down to earth country dog and any family looking for an affordable, attractive alternative.

  3. Famous- The American Institute of Architects named Frank Lloyd Wright as the "greatest American architect of all-time." So, it's no surprise that his dog house made our list, right? This 15 square foot home- often referred to as "Eddie's house"- is made of Philippine mahogany and features a sloping shingled roof. It was built as an extension on the side of the even more famous Frank Lloyd Wright home.

  4. Outrageous- This isn't technically a "dog house," but it was so outrageous that we had to include it on our list. This is actually a bed and breakfast located in Cottonwood, Idaho that was designed by chainsaw artists, Dennis and Frances Sullivan. Besides the two big dog houses, visitors may visit the gift shop and artist's studio.

Just by looking at these doggie homes, we can see that dogs have come a long way in the past 50 years. I wonder where they'll be 50 years from now?

By: Tim Snyder
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