Drew Barrymore and Flossie, the dog with the $3 million mansion

The World's 10 Richest Pets

  1. Flossie, $3 million. Actress Drew Barrymore gave her labrador mix Flossie a $3 million mansion for saving her and her then husband from a house fire. Having seen Going The Distance we're not sure Flossie deserved anything.
  2. Gigoo, $10 million. Publishing mogul Miles Blackwell had no heirs so left $10 million to a domestic hen. Yes, we really did say a domestic hen.
  3. Trouble, $12 million. Widow of NYC hotel magnate Harry Helmsley and dubbed the 'queen of mean', Leona Helmsley lived up to her nickname by disinheriting her 2 grandchildren and leaving her $12 million fortune to her pet Maltese dog. What a delightful lady.
  4. Tommaso, $13 million. Widow of an Italian property tycoon, Maria Assunta took in a stray cat from the streets of Rome. When she died it inherited her entire estate worth $13 million. Unlucky 13 - we don't think so.

    These three pups will inherit $30 million when Oprah heads to the TV studio in the sky
  5. Blackie, $25 million. Reclusive multi-millionaire (and probably certifiable lunatic) Ben Rea decided to leave $25 million to his cat instead of his family. Blackie held the Guinness World Record for Richest Pet.
  6. Luke, Layla & Gracie, $30 Million. Media colossus Oprah Winfrey has bequeathed $30 million to ensure her 3 retrievers will not have to shop at WalMart when she goes to the TV studio in the sky.
  7. Keiko, $36 million. Unlike the other animals on this list, Keiko worked for every penny of his fortune. Better known as Willy the killer whale in the Free Willy movies, Keiko's net worth was $36 million from acting work and public donations. That's a big splash of cash!
  8. Kalu, $65-$80 million. Patricia O'Neill, wife of ex-Olympic swimming ace Frank O'Neill rescued the Congolese chimpanzee and then changed her will so Kalu would inherit her entire estate. Now who's the king of the swingers, the jungle VIP?
  9. Tobey Rimes, $90 Million. Back in 1931 NYC aristocracy member Ella Wendel left $30 million to her poodle. The money was subsequently invested and each descendent of Tobey (themselves named Tobey Rimes) has taken ownership of the money which today is worth around $90 million. Talk about pampered poodle...

  10. Believe it or not, but this pooch is worth $375 million
  11. Gunther VI, $375 million. Wealthy German Countess Karlotta Liebenstein bequeathed her $124 million fortune to her German shepherd Gunther III. Gunther III passed this on to offspring Gunther IV and wise investment has seen the fortune grow to $375 million.
By John Bone
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