The Weasel War Dance- Ferret Toys and Games

Ferrets love to climb and burrow.

The weasel war dance is a term used to describe the dance that ferrets do when they get extremely excited. The dance usually consists of your ferret running wildly, back and forth, with an arched back while making strange barking noises. Also during this dance, ferrets will become extremely clumsy and often run into things and become off-balanced and fall.

Ferrets often use the weasel war dance as a natural defense mechanism in the wild. This dance is aimed at disorienting and confusing predators. But at home, it usually just means that your ferret is looking to play.

Games for Your Ferret

A ferret's personality and the natural instincts that they carry over from the wild dictate what kinds of games they are interested in. Instinctively, ferrets love to hunt, tunnel, and explore. So, it's an owner's job to provide their pet ferret with the tools that will help them feel comfortable and have fun. Some ideas are:

The Ferret Nation cage is 3 stories, which is great for play. Also, there are a number of accessories that can be added to it.
  • Giving them a maze to play with... Maybe, you just bring home a couple of boxes to play with or you build an intricate contraption that will allow your ferret to fumble around with for a while. The most stable tool is a ferret cage. Ferret cages are usually built in levels and have swings and ladders to play on. Inside, you can hang extra toys and little caverns that will make the cage even more exciting.
  • Digging... Ferrets love to dig. One thing you can do is bring home an empty cardboard box and fill it with small Styrofoam pieces; your ferret will go wild with joy. In the fall and wintertime, you could get seasonal and fill a plastic box with leaves that have fallen from the trees or fill it with snow. This will help give your ferret a playground that will occupy him for hours.
  • Grab a towel... Ferrets love to battle and play tug with their owners. Also as they cling to one side of the towel, ferrets love to be dragged around the house like they're on a ride. Using an old towel for any of these games will help you and your ferret bond for hours.
  • Play tag with him... Like the tug of war game, tag gives owners an opportunity to bond with their pet ferrets. Ferrets love to chase and be chased. If you can play this game on your hands and knees, it's even better. This interactive stimulation helps your ferret avoid depression and makes him feel comfortable at home.
  • Toys

    Ferrets love to interact with owners and fellow ferrets.

    If you want to get your ferret a toy to play with, just look through the cat toy section of Pet Street Mall. Because cats and ferrets are about the same size and are both natural predators, their taste in toys is pretty similar. They love big, furry toys that resemble other animals, toys that have bells, and any automatic toys that they can chase.

    By: Tim Snyder
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