The Many Benefits Dog Agility Training Gives Your Pet

Dog agility courses are fun for the pet and owner, and a great source of exercise too Although dog agility training is tons of fun for your pooch, it's about so much more than mere enjoyment. The many benefits range from the obvious ones of exercise and mental stimulation, to developing better obedience skills and the increased bond between pet and owner.

Physical Benefits of Agility Training
The physical exercise element of agility training gives a dog all the benefits it gives you: Weight loss; improved stamina; greater flexibility; muscle building; better circulation; and a healthier heart and lungs. But physical exercise is doubly important for dogs because they need exercise to keep their joints in good shape. Agility training may help prevent a dog from developing hip and joint disorders as it grows older. Coordination and spatial-awareness are also improved with agility training.

Agility courses give stimulation for a dog's mind, body and soul
Mental Benefits of Agility Training
Because a dog has to think while being agility trained, the training helps in several ways to sharpen the mind. Heightened levels of alertness and awareness, better communications skills and greater confidence are all by-products of agility training. Obedience and behavior also improve greatly and there's less likelihood of a dog trained in agility becoming restless and bored at other times.

Natural Benefits of Agility Training
Dogs by nature like to chase, forage, and hunt and an agility course provides the same coordination required when chasing through woodland and countryside. Also certain breeds are naturally predisposed to be 'workers' and they feel the urge to have something to accomplish. Agility training allows them to satisfy these urges and thus lead a more fulfilled lifestyle.

An agility starter kit like this will have you up and running in no time

Relationship Benefits of Agility Training
By working closely together an owner and a dog develop a much closer relationship and understanding of one another. Trust and confidence are established in deeper ways and the overall bond between pet and owner is strengthened.

The USDAA has a wealth of information about dog agility training on its website and is a good resource for finding dog agility events local to you. Another good starting point is to purchase some dog agility equipment to start practicing with. It's never too soon to begin enjoying dog agility training with your dog.

By John Bone
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