The Kitty CATure Fashion Show

Twice a year, fashion week takes over the New York scene. In February, the Autumn/Winter shows take place; in September, the Spring/Summer lines are on display. This week long affair features countless shows and gives the leaders of the fashion industry an opportunity to showcase the latest trends and their most cutting edge ideas.

Hello Kitty CATure

This past September, just a few blocks down from Pier 59 (the heart of fashion week), a different kind of fashion show took place: the Kitty CATure Fashion Show!

This year's Kitty CATure Fashion show was the fifth consecutive year that the event took place and was by far the most successful. Designer Ada Nieves had two dogs in the show, and she said, "Right now animal prints are in. Youngsters want things that are more hipster; older clients want more bling."

During the previous four years, the Kitty CATure Show only allowed cats to participate. But this year things changed and show organizers decided to allow dogs in the show as well. Much of this was due to the growing popularity of new dog clothes and fashion styles, for example, Doggles. The expansion of the show helped to bring in a plethora of new designers, like Ada Nieves and Katherine Golden, and some unbelievable new ideas.

Some of the more interesting costumes featured in the show included a tiny Persian cat in a Marie Antoinette style costume, a pair of Chihuahuas in cotton red and white tuxedos, and a Sphinx hipster dressed in a flannel shirt, a beanie, and a chain necklace. The constant flow of new pets and new designs had the audience applauding, laughing, and cheering for more. Throughout the show, a large group of children were even pilling up against the edge of the stage in order to get the best possible pictures; just a few feet back adults and industry leaders were listening and taking notes on what was going on.

A Growing Trend

This event mirrors a current trend amongst pet owners: providing clothes for their pets. It's no surprise that this is happening, either. Designers and experts are becoming more adept at coming up with clothes that pets will actually enjoy. Unlike the fashionable products mentioned above, these clothes are practical and can actually help your dogs. Muttluks- a protective shoe for dog's feet- is one of the more popular emerging products because it is actually comfortable and helps to keep the paw safe in dangerous situations! Of course, this is just one of numerous other products out there; some clothes help to keep pets safe from cold weather and impending illness, while others cool dogs down in hot weather.

No matter what you're interested in, it's definitely worth checking out because it could help your pet have a safer more comfortable life!

By: Tim Snyder
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