The Freedom of Outdoors with the Security of Indoors for Your Cats: Kittywalk

Cats are naturally inquisitive and love being outdoors
Being naturally inquisitive, cats love being outside. It's accepted that 'outdoor cats' get better exercise and more sensory interaction, and so they display fewer behavioral problems in comparison to 'indoor cats'. However, indoor cats can enjoy longer lifespans because they are not exposed to as many risks.

Is there a way of letting your pet play outside while protecting it from dangers such as running off or attack from other cats and dogs? Yes there is, and it's called Kittywalk.

Keep Cats Outside While Still Keeping Them Safe
New York-based Kittywalk Systems has a fantastic solution for allowing cats to enjoy all the benefits of being outdoors, while safely containing them and preventing them from escaping or getting into a harmful situation.

The Kittywalk Teepee is a cat playpen that can be used indoors or out
Kittywalk makes playpen-like cat enclosures that are modular in design and can be used singularly, or joined together to create expandable cat playgrounds. Constructed from steel and industrial-strength rip stop netting, each Kittywalk product is completely sealed (floor, ceiling, walls and doors) to prevent even the most determined kitty from escaping. It should also be noted that Kittywalk is ideal for small dogs too, giving them a protected outdoor environment in which to play while keeping them safely contained.

Kittywalk is light, portable and can be setup or taken down in seconds, but its crowning glory is that many of the products can be used virtually anywhere - grass lawns, decks, porches, etc. Take for example the 6-foot high Kittywalk Teepee. It has four levels (including the ground) in which multiple cats can play or rest and it can be set on any flat, solid surface. Similarly the Ferris Wheel and Penthouse (complete with three kitty hammocks) can be used as individual containment pens or as part of a more elaborate setup.

Because Kittywalk is made from rugged water resistant materials, you can leave the components setup outside in all weather, although dismantling takes mere seconds and

Kittywalk enclosures let cats enjoy the healthy outdoor air while keeping them safely contained.
most pieces fold down to the size of a collapsible lawn chair and come with a convenient carrying bag.

It must be said that Kittywalk isn't cheap, but when you consider the quality of the materials and that each piece is hand crafted, Kittywalk is exceptional value for money. You also have to figure in the enhanced quality of life Kittywalk brings to your cats (or small dogs), and it's hard to put a price on something as valuable as that.

If you want your furry friends to enjoy fresh air and a stimulating outdoor existence without the worry of injury or getting lost, there really is nothing else on the market to rival Kittywalk for quality or attention to detail.

By John Bone
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