The Best Way to Protect Your Garden

Finally being able to eat a bushel of ripe, juicy tomatoes is definitely worth the months you spend fertilizing and watering your garden. Your garden is not something that develops overnight. It takes countless hours of love and nurturing attention, so you need to protect it.

Fences can help protect a garden from small animals, but may not be as suitable for keeping bigger dogs out.
Are Standard Fences the Best Way to Protect My Garden?

Many people know that a home grown garden must be protected from wild rabbits and other small animals. There is as simple solution to this problem: put up a barrier. Many times, a small metal fence can deter potential harm, but will it keep out a larger dog? The answer is no. Putting up a larger fence may seem like the next logical solution. However, larger fences may be problematic as well because they can block sunlight, be visually unappealing, or just make gardening that much more difficult.

Currently, more and more people are realizing that putting up an electronic dog fence /dog-fence/ is the best way to protect the garden you love from the dogs you love. Electronic dog fences use a small wire that is buried 1 to 3 inches in the ground that sends out a radio signal to the dog's collar. For many products and manufacturers, the first signal as the dog approaches is an auditory warning, and if the dog continues to move towards the fence, he/she will receive a static correction.

Electronic fences are great because they do not alter the look of your garden, they provide easy in and out access for the gardener, and you do not have to keep your dog under constant supervision. Also, unlike standard fences, dog owners do not have to worry about dogs digging and eventually breaking a fence down. In the world of gardening, an electronic fence is much more accommodating than standard fences.

Potted plants can help protect your garden, but they may not be the best solution for some dog owners.
Are There Other Alternatives to Protect My Garden?

There are a number of ways to protect your garden from your dogs. One way to do this is to plant your flowers and vegetables in pots. This will keep the dogs from digging into the roots, and it keeps the plant elevated. However, this does not ensure total security for your garden. The plants will still be accessible to the dogs and could even be tipped over, which could cause an even bigger mess. Another idea could be putting up barrier plants. These barrier plants could serve as a buffer for your most prized flowers or vegetables. Unfortunately, both the potted plants and the barrier plants make a garden look unnatural. Instead of sacrificing the beauty of a perfectly blended garden, you may once again want to consider using an electronic dog fence because it ensures security without sacrificing beauty.

For many dog owners, the best option to protect a garden may be an electronic dog fence. Over the years, electronic dog fences have become safer and proven themselves to be very effective. These fences are very versatile and can be used indoors, in place of a chain linked or wooden fence, or to protect your garden. If you love your garden and your dog, there is no reason you can't enjoy both.

By: Tim Snyder
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