The Best Places for Cat Naps

Some cat owners may wonder why their cats seem to sleep in the strangest places. Whether it's taking a snooze on an old t-shirt or curling up in a fleece blanket under the bed, most cats will sleep anywhere that they think is comfortable at that particular moment.

A common house cat will sleep between 16-20 hours a day and they're world famous for taking quick “cat naps any time of the day or night. It's important that your cat has a comfy place for them to take a snooze that is out of the way of other guests in the house. Your cat can go from Sleeping Beauty to Grumpy Cat in a matter of seconds if you wake them from a slumber.

Your Cat Loves Warm Sleep Spots
When a cat is looking for a place to catch some Zzz's, they typically look for a spot that is warm spot for their slinky bodies to curl around. You would think that a cat, with its large fur coat, would be constantly looking for a place to cool off, however a cat is happiest when its warm and toasty. Electric blankets, electric appliances and desktop computers are all victim to the nuzzling of a cat's body.

Cats' affection for warmth starts when they're kittens. From the time they're born, a kitten will use its very sensitive heat receptors on its face to find their mothers. A newborn kitten is unable to open their eyes, so their survival completely depends on finding on their mother's warm body for milk.

Finding a Bed Your Cat Will Sleep On
When a cat is finding a purrrrfect sleeping spot, they tend to look for a place that is both warm and form fitting to their body. Cats that are overly fond of warm sleeping quarters are more prone to sleeping next to its owner. Unfortunately, a cat in the bed can trigger allergies and also making sleeping a nightmare for some cat owners. Check out this list to see which Cat Bed would be right for you

Heated Cat Beds: This is a solution for cats that seem overly affectionate right before bedtime. A Heated Cat Bed provides a small area that is 10 degrees warmer than the surrounding environment. These beds are great for cats that love curling up next to furnaces and other warm spots.

Kitty Sacks: If you have a cat that is more comfortable under the covers than over them, you may want to consider a Kitty Sack. A Kitty Sack is a large, self-warming sleeve that a can climb right inside for a completely covered snooze.

Cat Houses: If you find your cat climbing burying themselves in couch cushions and hiding themselves in strange places around the house, it might be time to invest in a Cat House. Modern cathouses come with the option of either Heated Houses or Standard, but with either one it gives your kitty a quiet place to call their own.

When it comes down to purchasing the right bed for your cat, be sure to take in to consideration the different places in your house or apartment that your cat currently likes to sleep in. Almost every cat bed available is safe for any size feline from kitten to fully grown. If you have a kitty that is crazy about sleeping next to warm appliances, be sure to consider some of the heated bed options that are available. Until then, good luck with pulling your cat out of the laundry hamper every morning.

By Sean Bowes
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