The Best Beds For Shorthaired Dogs

If you live in an area with frigid weather conditions, it can be very common for your dog to develop a shivering habit. Whether they curl up next to a furnace or sit uncomfortably close to a fire, there can be some easy-to-spot signs that your dog is not receiving the warmth that they need at home. Unlike dogs with thick coats, there is a major concern for pooches with shorthaired fur coats.

"There are only two seasons. Winter and June."

If you live in a colder climate, you can probably relate to that quote. Unfortunately, your pooch isn't able to tell you, but they likely feel the same way. While it can be fun for a few minutes to let your dog to jump around in the snow, it's important that you provide them with a warm and safe place to take refuge.

Some pet owners allow their pets to come close to a fireplace or leave their pooches alone in a room with a space heater to let their dogs warm up. This type of behavior can seem harmless, but it's actually reckless. Every year, curious pups get too close to fires and allow their paws or tails to become enflamed from loose embers. Additionally, pet owners with space heaters are at risk from clumsy dogs that could knock them over, starting a fire in the home.

A Warm Solution For Cold Dogs

The technology for heated blankets has been around for more than 100 years. An American doctor named Sidney Russell invented the first electric blanket 1912 when he saw the need for a "better blanket."

Since then, the technology for heated blankets has improved greatly to increase efficiency and decrease the chances for fires or burns, which were sometimes prevalent in earlier models. Today, electric blankets are a popular way to keep warm without the use of bulky duvet covers.

Now, the same concept that has been keeping humans cozy for more than a century has been adapted to dog beds. Heated dog beds are a relatively new product that was specially made to keep pooches comfortable during the colder months.

Dogs, especially those with short coats, often look for the warmest place to snooze during crisp nights. Unfortunately, that warm spot was rarely their own bed... until now.

Premium heated dog beds are available in a variety of different styles and sizes to fit any weight dog. The crafty inventions are machine washable and come with a quality, removable heater that was specially engineered to prevent burns or fires. In fact, some of the heated dog beds have been manufactured for more than 40 years!

Checking Out The Latest Heated Dog Beds

Today, heated dog beds are the latest way to keep Fido from freezing when the temperatures dip. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, shorthaired dogs are the most at risk for hypothermia and related illnesses from cold weather.

"Cats and dogs should be kept inside during cold weather. It's a common belief that dogs and cats are more resistant than people to cold weather because of their fur, but it's untrue," says a spokesperson for the AVMA. "Like people, cats and dogs are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia and should be kept inside."

When pets come inside from a stroll, it's important that they have a warm place to rest. Check out some heated beds Below:

  • Orthopedic Heated Beds: If you have an older pet that suffers from arthritic, a double-thick orthopedic bed is the best way to rest their joints. The thermal heated pack keeps your pooch warm while the supportive bed keeps their aches and pains at bay.
  • Heated Kennel Mats: Cages, crates and kennels have almost zero insulation, so it's important to keep your pet's temperature regulated. Heated mats fit across the floor of the kennel or can be placed on one of the walls to act as a heater. Plus, the material is durable to withstand any scratching or biting.

So, if you have a dog that shivers and searches for blankets after coming in from a brisk walk, you should start looking to invest in a better way to keep your pet healthy. New warming pet beds can soothe joints and help keep hypothermia at bay this winter, plus it may be the best way to keep your dog off your new sheets!

If you're looking for a way to warm your pooch at night with a heated dog bed, be sure to ask the pet experts at by calling 800-957-5753. The animal lovers are more than happy to answer any questions about any of the pet products that we carry in our catalogue.

By Sean Bowes
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