Sweetening The Smell of Dog Owners' Homes

Unlike cats, dogs are not the type of animals that will spend all day cleaning themselves. In fact, it's in their nature to do the complete opposite. Going swimming, digging holes and rolling around in freshly cut grass is all a part of being a rambunctious doggie. Unfortunately, these types of goofy habits come with a bad side-the smell!

Regular baths, special pet shampoos and trips to the groomers are great ways to keep Fido's coat smelling sweet, but a dog's fur is only one part of the equation to fighting pet odor. Fighting dander, housetraining, and purchasing doggie waste disposal systems are all a part of being a responsbible pet owner.

If you have a pooch that you're currently housetraining, then you have your work cut out for keeping your home clean. Dog waste is not only stinky, it's dangerous if not disposed of properly. Parasites and bacteria are common in dog droppings, so it's important that you have a plan to get rid of their poop. After all, picking up your dog's waste with a paper towel and putting it in your kitchen's garbage can is not the proper way to do it. Yet, even if you let your dog go in the backyard every time, there are still things you need to do fight unpleasant odors. Check out some products that can save your nostrils below:

  • Dog Waste Septic Tanks: It doesn't matter whether you have a dog that is occasionally goes in the house or if you have a pooch that goes in the yard every time, you need to have a plan for the poop. Dog waste septic tanks are environmentally safe and can be placed in the ground. These dog waste systems use enzymes to break down the mess so you never have to take out stinky trash bags again.
  • Dog Waste Chemicals: When you have a Doggie Dooley system, it's important to utilize some special chemicals to keep your lawn healthy and your yard smelling sweet. The specially formulated chemicals can quickly break down waste while containing odors so well that no one could guess you ever had a dog!
  • Pooper Scooper: If you're wondering why the design of the pooper scooper hasn't changed in years, it's because it just works so darn good. For years, the pooper scooper has taken the pain out of getting rid of dog waste by easily raking dog waste. By getting rid of droppings in the yard, you can eliminate the chance of tracking in waste into your home, which can put a serious stink into your living room.

Keeping The Indoors Smelling Sweet

Regular baths are just one way to keep your home smelling nice when you own a dog. However, many pet owners don't realize that there are other steps you need to make to ensure that your home doesn't get that "musty dog smell."

One useful technique is to creating a sweet smelling home is airing out your home. Even if you're a clean freak who vacuums carpets until you're red in the face, there is still pet dander in your home. By simply opening up a few windows and doors, you can let fresh air into your home. Also, many pet owners don't realize that they need to change the filters in their home more frequently because of the added dander and pet hair.

Professional homemakers don't recommend strong chemicals to mask the smell of your pet. Many strong cleaning solutions are unhealthy for you and your dog to breathe, so it's important to try other ways to keep your home smelling nice. If you're looking for a cleaning spray that can eliminate odors, consider one that was made specifically for homes with dogs, such as the Poopy Pee Pee Oxy Stain and Odor Remover.

If you're still looking to sweeten the smell of your home, be sure to ask the pet experts at PetStreetMall.com by calling 800-957-5753. The animal lovers are more than happy to answer any questions about any of the pet products that we carry in our catalogue.

By Sean Bowes
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