Spray Bark Collars are the Kinder, Non-Shock Way to Train a Dog to Stop Barking

When it comes to training a dog not to bark, many owners find themselves torn between doing what's best for their pet and doing what's best for themselves. Stopping a dog from endlessly barking is a relief to the owner, but using an electric bark collar in order to do so isn't a relief to the dog.

The very idea of an electric 'shock' collar goes against how many dog lovers feel their pets should be treated. Spray collars, on the other hand, are easy to use and effective against persistent barking.

The spray bark collar is recognized as a completely humane and safe way to teach a dog not to bark. The spray collar relies on a sprayed mist of liquid to deter a dog from barking, as opposed to an electrical stimulation as used by traditional bark collars.

How the Spray Collar Works
A spray collar senses when a dog barks and emits a small spray of liquid near it's snout that causes the dog to stop barking. It really is that simple and because the spray collar operates autonomously, it needs little or no input from the pet's owner and works even when the dog is left alone.

The spray merely distracts the dog as it barks, thus interrupting the barking process, and the dog suffers no pain or discomfort. The spray itself is either plain or scented water (usually lemon or citronella) that is completely safe and eco-friendly.

Alright I Want One, What Features Should I Look For?

The PetSafe Remote Spray Collar comes well equipped
Spray collars are relatively similar, but there are a few features you may want to look for when shopping around.
  • Collar Sensors. Most collars work using a combination of an audio sensor and a vibration sensor to determine when a dog barks. Look for a collar that has both types of sensor as this will act as a failsafe against the collar discharging when other dogs bark.
  • Tone Only Mode. Some collars offer a tone as well as a spray correction mode. This can help extend the life of the spray canister and reduce the need to replace it.
  • Remote Controller. A handheld remote allows the owner to administer a spray to help cure other behavioral issues when obedience training.

Anything Else I Should Know About Spray Collars?

With a spray collar there will be no more of this
Despite being very effective at bark control for most dogs and completely harmless, spray collars do have a couple of potential downsides. Firstly, some professional trainers have found that spray collars aren't persuasive enough for very headstrong dogs. If your dog is particularly stubborn a traditional e-collar might be the way to go.

Secondly, some dog owners with especially persistent barkers have said that the spray itself runs out and they have to refill it on a regular basis. This might seem like a minor concern, but it's something to think about if you leave your dog unattended for longer periods of time.

Let us Spray: Spray Collar Conclusions
Humane, safe, requiring little to no input from the pet owner and eco-friendly - what's not to like about a spray collar?

By John Bone
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