SportDOG Training Collars

Of all the respected manufacturers in the e-collar, containment and dog training equipment market, SportDOG occupies a unique position. Traditionally training collar manufacturers have either fallen on the sports/hunting dog side of the fence, or the domestic/companion dog side of the fence. SportDOG, on the other hand, takes the best elements from both sides to produce some of the finest training collars available.

The SportDOG team like nothing more than hunting with their dogs

The team behind SportDOG live and breathe a love of dogs and hunting; it's in their DNA. Because they spend every possible waking minute on the prairie or in the woods, they know first-hand the kind of gear a professional needs. Accordingly all SportDOG training collars and other training equipment is conceived in the field.

The Power Behind SportDOG

Of course any great product is born form 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, and once the concept is finalized SportDOG can rely on the financial and technical might of parent company PetSafe. As the leading manufacturer of companion dog e-collars and pet containment systems, PetSafe's R&D capabilities are second-to-none and SportDOG takes full advantage of this. As a result SportDOG training collars have the features and capabilities the pro's want and the technology and build quality only a major manufacturer can consistently provide.

Professional Training Collar Features at Enthusiast-Level Prices
But what does all this mean for you, the end user? Well it means you get the best of both worlds: Training collars with all the features the professional trainers want and need, but at lower prices more in keeping with the 'amateur' companion pet market.

The SportDOG Range

The SD-105 YardTrainer is One of the most inexpensive training collars on the market, what the SD-105 lacks in price it makes up for in features and functionality. The SD-105 is ideal for those new to dog training.

SportDOG currently offers seven different shock collar lines (eight including the TEK) with the FieldTrainer and SportHunter ranges providing a particularly good mix of technical versatility with affordability. The SD-425 from the FieldTrainer line and the SD-825 from the SportHunter line are both worthy of a mention.

SD-825 FieldTrainer is an excellent shock collar for upland hunting with multiple dogs

Whether you're a professional trainer, or just wanting to train your dog as an enthusiast, you'll be very involved throughout the training process. This means you'll need a training collar that you can customize to fit your dogs personality and temperament, and the SportDOG range of training collars gives you that flexibility and control.

By John Bone
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