Product Review - SportDOG SD-105 & SD-105S

Training a hunting dog requires a considerable amount of time and hands-on involvement. Whether you're a seasoned professional trainer, or training a dog for the very first time, knowing you have the right tools in the palm of your hand is a huge benefit.

Teaching new behavioral traits to a dog is never simple even to the most complacent and willing dogs, which is why training collars have become such an invaluable tool for trainers. Giving the handler additional sets of correctional stimulations, as well as the ability to communicate these behavioral corrections over a distance makes the training collar essential during a hunting (or any) dog's training program.

Who is SportDOG?

SportDOG is the sporting arm of industry leader PetSafe. Already synonymous with the domestic pet marketplace, PetSafe established SportDOG in 2003 to provide high quality training equipment to the sporting/hunting dog market.

Thanks to the parent company's considerable depth of research and development capabilities, SportDOG has developed a range of top-quality, yet very affordable dog training products for the active hunter and competitive sportsman.

The SportDOG SD-105 is well equipped with features.

SportDOG 'YardTrainer' SD-105 & SD-105S Features

The YardTrainer SD-105 and 105S are the backbone of the SportDOG training collar /SportDOG range. Aimed at basic obedience training, the SD-105/105S is a functional, well equipped system with versatility and ruggedness built-in.

With a waterproof receiver collar and water resistant remote transmitter featuring 8-levels of stimulation and a 100-yard range, the SD-105/105S /Shock-Collars.aspx is sturdy and dependable. Other features include a tone-only button, low-battery indicator, test light and long contact points to ensure the collar meets even the hairiest dog's skin.

The SD-105S is purpose designed for stubborn and willful dogs.

Best Uses for the SD-105 & SD-105S

Developed as an introductory training system, the SD-105/105S /DogTrainingCollars.aspx is ideal for basic obedience training in the yard or the house, and will therefore be best suited to people comparatively new to dog training. The unit can only control one dog within a 100-yard radius, so will probably fall short of the requirements of a professional hunting dog trainer. Having said that, the SD-105/105S is every bit as capable of training a dog to come, stay and heel as a high-end unit several times its price. The SD-105/105S can also be used to prevent bad behavior such as jumping, chasing and barking and the unit comes with a DVD featuring training tips from pro trainer Charlie Jurney.

SD-105 or SD-105S, What's the Difference?

The only difference between the SD-105 and SD-105S SportDOG shock collars is that the 105S is designed for stubborn, willful dogs. Both models have all the same features and accessories, but the SD-105S' 8-levels of stimulation are set higher than of those on the SD-105. Otherwise they are virtually identical.

By John Bone

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