Social Media-izing Your Pooch

Technology is becoming a bigger part of our lives with each passing day. But not just our lives, technology also plays a role in the lives of our pets, as well. Just look at social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Five years ago, you'd probably laugh or scoff at the idea of a dog having an account on either of those sites. (You might also wonder what a pooch's Instagram is, too).

However, animal profiles are not as uncommon as you might think. In fact, your pooch could create quite a following on photo-sharing websites with just a little effort. Want to give it a go? Here's how:

Getting Started
The first thing to consider is which social media site to create a profile with. For this example, let's use Instagram:

  • Create an account: To create an account for your pup on Insta, all you really need is a clever name that begins with an "@" and an email address. For example, a friend of mine started an account for Otis, his American dingo mix, and made his user name "@Otisdadingo." Just like that, you and your pooch are in. Now it's time to dominate the Web.
  • Find people to follow: The next step is finding people to follow, which is even easier. If you feel like taking the easy way out, let your friends know what you're up to and add their accounts for a sure "follow." Then, decide which types of dogs you like to look at photographs of, as the ones you follow will be the ones that appear in your "feed." For example, when my buddy started Otis' account he wanted to see photos of other similar dogs. To search a type of dog in the search menu, choose "Hashtag" and type in the species of your dog. If you're lucky, it will have thousands of results. Just click on a photo and "follow" the user. If you have commitment issues, you could always just "like" their photo and see if they decide to follow you. Remember, when posting a picture, other "dogs" will find your photos the same way, so be sure to include some useful hashtags of your own.
  • Location, location: Many people like to see if dogs are near them. To do this, when looking at a photo, a location is sometimes displayed below the username. By clicking on the location, you can see all of the photos taken at that location. If it's something like a local dog park, you're likely to find a good amount of dog photos.

Although it can't be used with social media, to always be able to keep track of your dog's location, check out some high-tech collars. If your dog is not micro-chipped, these collars provide another sure-fire way to locate your pooch if he hops the fence out back when you're not looking.

That's about it. If you've followed these steps, you've got the tough part out of the way. Now it's just a matter of showcasing how cute and cuddly your little fuzzball can be and posting it on your account. Use these tips with some useful hashtags and your pooch can be well on its way to Internet stardom!

By Sean Bowes
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