Shock Collars for Hunting and Working Dogs

Training hunting dogs has come on a long way thanks to shock collars
The first U.S. shock collars were originally designed for working hounds to "stop unwanted chasing or bringing down game"[1]. Although primitive by today's standards, these early shock collars were seen as invaluable assets for behavioral training and they are still a very important part of a professional or recreational huntsman's tool set.

Although the shock collar has made a successful crossover to the companion dog field (often under the marketing-friendly title 'training collar') the full capabilities and worth of shock collars can only truly be appreciated when used with hunting or working dogs.

The Best Brands for Hunting Dog Shock Collars
There are plenty of companies out there manufacturing shock collars. However, for outdoor hunting and working dogs there are really only four brands you should be concerning yourself with: Dogtra, DT Systems, SportDOG and Tri-Tronics.

Tri-Tronics is the acknowledged leader in the electronic dog training field and has been for 40 years. Its shock collars are undoubtedly the best in the business although they are also among the most expensive. This can be a costly vanity purchase if the buyer isn't going to fully utilize the collar's capabilities. Having said that, Tri-Tronics remains the brand of choice for professional trainers and hunters.

DT Systems makes shock collars for professionals and enthusiasts
DT Systems is currently in its 30th year, during this time it has established itself as a manufacturer of extremely rugged dog training products. Not afraid of innovation, DT Systems' shock collars are capable of advanced training programs for both enthusiast and professional users.

Dogtra prides itself on developing user-friendly electronic collars for hunting dogs and service/K-9 dogs. By producing an extensive range of e-collars Dogtra offers a specific collar for just about every trainer's needs; whether they are a seasoned professional or just starting out.

SportDOG first entered the hunting dog market in 2003, since that time it has developed a solid reputation for quality products and exceptional value for the money. SportDOG is owned by industry giant PetSafe, so it has the R&D muscle behind it to produce incredibly well designed and reliable e-collars and training equipment.

The Tri-Tronics Pro shock collars are ideal for professional hunters and trainers
Shock Collars for Professional Hunters and Trainers
The pure professional will need a shock collar that is capable of working over long distances, across all types of terrain, and in the most inclement weather conditions. The ability to train more than one dog at a time using a single remote is also a feature professional hunters need.

Recommended for Pros: Tri-Tronics Pro, Field and Sport lines, DT Systems SPT series, Dogtra Edge.

Dogtra Advance features long range and many stimulation levels
Shock Collars for Semi-Pros and Enthusiasts
Despite a lower price point, many 'mid-range' shock collars still match the durability, multi-training capabilities, adjustability and range as the more expensive, top-end models.

Recommended for semi-pros and enthusiasts: DT Systems' H2O series, Dogtra Advance.

SportDOG 105 is available for large and small dogs
Shock Collars for Novices and Newcomers
Any newcomer to dog training will want a shock collar system that's simple to learn and easy-to-use. There is a higher chance that novices will be working with dogs of a milder temperament at close range, so there is less of a need for shock collars with powerful stimulation settings or long-range capabilities.

Recommended for novices and newcomers: Dogtra Element, SportDOG SD-105.

By John Bone
[1] Historical Clarification and Categorisation of Types of E-Collars - Denis Carthy
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