Richell USA Looks Beyond Pet Gates

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe," says Anatole France.

Richell, a Japanese brand that branched out to the United States a little more than a decade ago, knows a thing a thing or two about dreaming big. Originally a modest Japanese manufacturing company, the brand came to Texas with hopes of changing the pet supply industry. Still backed by its Japanese parent company, the brand has completely redone the designs of traditional pet gates. By using high quality, durable wood instead of plastic for its pet gates, homeowners can now be proud of their pet barriers.

"Each product is designed with a specific purpose in mind. By combining elements of safety, comfort and mobility, Richell's products provide perfect solutions for busy families... and pets too," says a Richell spokesman.

Yet, even though their pet gates have brought the brand a great deal of success (Last year, the company was honored by receiving an Editor's Choice Award for the fourth year in a row), they have decided to look towards new ventures for cats and dogs. Don't fret, though, the company has promised to continue rolling out their beloved pet gates, too.

Richell's Newest Products Are Turning Heads

For years the only thing that Richell was known for producing in the pet industry was its custom looking pet gates. From their renowned Aztec glass stained pet barriers to their six-panel pet gate; it's no wonder why pet owners have embraced their unique pet gates.

Recently, their focus has been catered towards making dogs more comfortable in homes while keeping their Japanese influences in their latest goods.

Check out some of the latest creations that have an Asian style in their design, most notably the three-piece, Bamboo Take collection that goes together nicely in any modern home:

  • Paw Trax: As you know, potty training can be one of the most difficult things to do with a young pup. Richell realized this and made a product to make life a little easier for people who are going through puppy training. The Paw Trax uses a tray, similar to a puppy pad, which holds super absorbent pads with gel that dries a mess in seconds. Plus, it can be cleaned up quickly and was made to protect any type of surface from an untimely accident.

As you can see, the days of being a "one-trick pony" are over for Richell. Their latest creations include an entire bamboo collection of pet accessories as well as puppy training tools. It's clear that the pet company is looking to make a mark in the American household. So, if you're looking for some goodies for your pet-friendly home, consider in a product made from Richell; the quality is sure to be unmatched.

If you're looking for Richell Products for your home, be sure to ask the pet experts at by calling 800-957-5753. The animal lovers are more than happy to answer any questions about any of the pet products that we carry in our catalogue.

By Sean Bowes
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