Product Review - Dogtra iQ No Bark Collar

If your dog can't stop barking it might be time to buy a bark collar
Some dogs are just happy about everything in the world and they like to show it. Each time they hear the mailman they have to voice their delight, whenever a car passes in the street they bark their approval... The problem is that your dog's happiness is your misery because you have to listen to this endless barking.

Unsurprisingly most dog owners try and teach their pets not to bark from an early age. Bark collars have proven to be an invaluable tool for achieving this, but with such a wide range of bark collars on the market today, choosing the right one can be a bit bewildering. However, one collar that has been very popular - and successful - with dog owners is the iQ No Bark Collar from Dogtra.

iQ No Bark Collar by Dogtra

The Dogtra iQ features soft plastic contacts that don't irritate a dog's neck
The iQ No Bark Collar is part bark training collar, part genre-changer. Compact, simple, functional and innovative, the iQ checks all the boxes for what a great product should be.

Dogtra have hitherto been closely associated with the outdoors/hunting dog side of the pet industry, but with the iQ it has made a serious foray into the domestic pet field. It has also reset the bar for bark collars to a very high standard indeed.

The iQ has taken the traditional bark collar, refined it and added some industry-first features, foremost of which are the unique plastic contact points, which aren't even 'points' at all. Unlike every other static bark collar out there, the iQ's contacts are smooth plastic curves. This innovative design is far gentler on a dog's skin and therefore makes the iQ far more comfortable for pets to wear.

Illustration of the iQ's detachable collar for easy cleaning
In fact Dogtra have built comfort into every aspect of the iQ. The receiver is incredibly small and compact, coming in a featherweight 3.7oz, and the collar itself is made from a soft, flexible material.

When it comes to the static bark interruption pulse the iQ is also on the pet-friendly end of the spectrum. Dogtra describe it as using "low to medium power" which singles the unit out as an excellent bark training tool for smaller, timid and sensitive dogs. If you still feel the stimulation levels (there are 10 in all) might be a bit much for your pooch, the iQ also has a gentle vibration-only mode.

Just because it's small doesn't mean it's not rugged; the iQ is fully waterproof and the collar detaches from the receiver unit for easy cleaning.

All in all the Dogtra iQ No Bark is a great collar that is highly recommended for all but the largest of dogs.

By John Bone
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