PetSafe: The #1 Name in Pet Products

For many pet owners PetSafe needs no introduction. However, to give it its dues it can be said that PetSafe has been dedicated to keeping pets safe, healthy and happy since 1991.

PetSafe are the biggest name in pet-friendly pet products
A team of talented scientists and self-confessed pet-lovers are the driving force behind PetSafe; their combined mission to make the world a more pet-friendly place. From containment solutions to training tools, pet doors and pet care products, PetSafe provides virtually everything a pet owner could ever need.

PetSafe - Behind the Brand Name
Pet safety is at the core of everything that PetSafe does - it even derived its name from it! Whether it is electronic devices designed to train and contain pets so they don't put themselves in harmful situations, or pet beds, feeders, or toys, PetSafe concept and rigorously test every product in-home with real pets and real pet owners. Only by conducting these real-world evaluations can PetSafe be sure of a new product's usability, quality, and of course its safety.

PetSafe makes in-ground and wireless invisible pet fences
As part of the Radio Systems group of companies, PetSafe also enjoys the benefit of shared resources with sister companies SportDOG, Invisible Fence, Innotek, and Premier Pet products. This sharing of information gives PetSafe a formidable depth in R&D.

PetSafe also turns to the expertise of top trainers, pet behavioral specialists and leading veterinarians to further refine and perfect its products. The end result is pet-friendly products that you can depend on and which your pets will love.

PetSafe Product Lines
Invisible Dog Fences. PetSafe is probably best known for its dog fence systems. Offering both in-ground and wireless invisible fences, the PetSafe range is one of the most extensive on the market.

PetSafe's Elite Training Collar is an invaluable tool when training a dog
Training & Behavior. The PetSafe selection of remote training collars, bark collars, spray collars and pet proofing/indoor containment equipment is no less impressive. PetSafe has a solution to help you keep your pets where they should be and away from where they shouldn't.

Dog Doors & Cat Flaps. From the tried, trusted and highly inexpensive cat flap, to the security-conscious Wall Entry Aluminum Door, the high-tech automatic SmartDoor, or the elegant Patio Door panels, PetSafe allows your pet the freedom to get the most out of life.

Daily Care. If your pet needs it, PetSafe probably makes it. Timer meal feeders, heated cat and dog beds and outdoor dog kennels will keep your treasured pets well fed, comfortable indoors and happy outdoors respectively.

PetSafe's Quest Continues
PetSafe even helps pet owners in the virtual universe with many informative tutorial blogs on its website and YouTube channel.

If you want safe pet products that are extremely good value for money and designed by pet-lovers for pet-lovers, look for the PetSafe logo.

By John Bone
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