Pet Guru Cesar Milan Uses Training Collars

Who Is Cesar Milan?

Cesar Millan says that owners need to become the leaders of their pack

Since the early 2000s, Mexican dog trainer Cesar Millan has been rising up as a go-to voice in the dog training community. His Emmy nominated show, "Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan" aired on the National Geographic Channel for eight seasons and 131 episodes. These episodes featured Millan teaching dog owners how to become the "pack leader" of their dogs. Throughout his show and career, Millan has been known for being able to not only train ordinary house dogs, but to rehabilitate extremely aggressive dogs and introduce them into a family atmosphere. His work has saved the lives of countless dogs and given a new hope in the dog training world.

What's His Philosophy?

Millan's training technique and philosophy incorporate ideas of exercise, discipline, and affection that helps dogs become healthy and balanced.
Exercise- Millan advocates that dog owners need to help their pups get the proper amount of exercise. This exercise can include walks through the neighborhood or playing games. Millan stresses that this exercise is not only about physical fitness, but developing a strong bond between owner and dog that will help owners during the training process.
Discipline- Millan stresses that dog owners should pay attention to special cues in a dog's physical posture and internal emotions to help eliminate bad behavior before it even fully arises.
Affection- Millan says that affection is very important, but that too many owners give affection at improper times. According to Millan, affection should be reserved for times when the dog is in a balanced state of mind. Owners should not show affection when the dog is fearful, anxious or avoidant because this will only re-enforce these behaviors.

The Use of Training Collars

Training collars are one of the best tools for training your pup.

Over the years, Cesar Millan has been an advocate of the use of training collars. Currently on his website, there are a number of articles that express the beneficial aspects of its use, even calling it the most successful way to stop unwanted barking. Manufacturers have designed training collars to help eradicate barking, digging, chewing, and a number of other unwanted behaviors. These collars also come in a variety of forms, including spray, ultrasonic, vibration, and static.

For Millan, the use of these collars or any other training method is dictated by the needs of your dog. In an interview courtesy of The Daily Mail[1], Millan says, "The processes I prefer are exercise, discipline and affection. I realize there is a debate about what techniques are 'best' or right, but I focus on the fundamentals of the problem- the question of why the dog is behaving like he is. Then I know what technique from a wide range of options is best to solve the problem." For many dog owners, a training collar may be the perfect option to train their dog!

By: Tim Snyder
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