Product Review – WiFi Dog Fence by Perimeter

Keeping your dogs safe and sound has to be the priority of every pet owner, and this means ensuring Fido remains within the safety of your property and not out roaming dangerous roads. Traditional fences can offer some help, but a stubborn dog will usually find a way under, around, or even over (see the picture below) a fence. In addition your property might not even have a fence and the cost of erecting one is way beyond your budget, so what can you do?

No matter how high a fence is, the determined dog will manage to get over it somehow

Since the 1980s thousands of dog owners have turned to electronic pet fences to keep their canines safely contained. Far cheaper than building a wooden or metal fence, the e-fence still presented the problem of having to bury a perimeter cable. This threw up issues such as having to cut through concrete driveways, tunneling under pathways and digging up prized flowerbeds.

Technology came to the rescue, as it so often does, in the shape of the wireless fence which entered the marketplace at the turn of the century. And because technology waits for no one, it has advanced once again in the shape of the WiFi pet fence.

Currently there is only one WiFi pet fence on the market – the WiFi Dog Fence by Perimeter Technologies. Let’s have a closer look at it…

The WiFi Fence – What’s in the Box?

No wires or cables, the WiFi Dog Fence is easy to setup
Unlike a wired fence that needs hundreds of yards of wires and cables, the Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence simply has a central base unit and a receiver collar (the Perimeter system can work with up to two dogs, but you’ll have to purchase the second collar separately). Perimeter also includes 50 boundary flags, 2 rechargeable lithium ion batteries, a pair of comfort and a pair of long hair contact points, and an instruction manual.

Ease of Setup

Setting up the system couldn’t be simpler. There are no wires to bury, and everything is controlled from a central ‘base station’. Simply place the base station in an unobtrusive part of your home, use the easy-to-read display and directional button to set the perimeter size you want, sync the base unit with the collar (this is done automatically), put the collar on your dog, and that’s it, you’re done!

Using the WiFi Dog Fence

As with any pet training program you will have to spend time working with your dog to fully train it to understand that there is a boundary and that there will be consequences if it is crossed. However, once this phase is complete the WiFi Dog Fence operates pretty much autonomously, with no further input necessary from you.

If you are controlling two dogs on just one system you can custom set the stimulation settings for each individual dog. What is more, the WiFi Dog Fence has a radius of about 200-feet, which is twice that of regular wireless fences.

Unique Features

The WiFi system covers a big area
Aside from the WiFi technology, the unit also brings a few other new features to the table. The base station can tell you just how far your dog is from it, what the charge status of the collar’s batteries are, and it will also alert you if your dog is challenging the boundary zone.

The boundary itself is also different with the WiFi dog fence, comprising of a correction zone within the boundary activation zone. This internal zone acts to discourage the dog from ‘testing’ or charging the actual boundary, and there is a second correction zone outside the boundary to further strengthen security and reduce the chances of a dog continuing beyond the boundary.

The base unit acts as a battery recharger, but when a charged battery is left in the unit, it acts as a battery backup system in the event of a power outage (it will keep the system operating for about 8-hours). However, this also makes the WiFi Dog Fence completely portable so it can be taken and used on road trips and vacations.


Because the system relies on high frequency radio waves to function, there are some environments in which the WiFi Dog fence won’t properly function. These include; areas with large metal constructions (a shed, aluminum siding or metal roofing on a house) that will interfere with the base unit’s signal; dense trees that block the signal; or high hills/low valleys that will also prevent a clear signal getting though.

This happy chap loves his WiFi fence


When it’s running properly the Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence is a fantastic bit of kit. Comparatively priced to some of the older wireless units on the market, it offers a bigger range, customizable stimulation settings and easy portability. If however your property has any of the aforementioned large metal and wood obstructions, or it is has hills and valleys, it might not be the system for you.

By John Bone
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