Owning a Sugar Glider

Sugar Gliders are great pets. They are clean animals, extremely loyal and have long life spans (up to 15 years). Also, since Sugar Gliders are marsupials, not rodents like some people think, other animals in the house tend to bond with them rather than chase them around the house like mice or rats. When you bring a Sugar Glider home, many dogs and cats will treat them with curiosity and gentleness, you should see the bewilderment of a dog's face the first moment it meets a Glider!

Before you bring home any new pet, it is important that you're familiar with for your new companion. A Sugar Glider is one the best pocket sized pets, but you must be aware of their dietary and sleeping needs in order to have a happy and healthy critter.

Sleeping Habits
Sugar Gliders need special attention and cages. Unlike rodents which will do fine left alone in small cages, a Sugar Glider cannot be left unattended for long periods of time. If your pet is going to be happy and healthy, they need a larger cage where they can exercise as well as sleep.

New Glider owners also need to be aware that the furry little creatures are nocturnal. Sugar Gliders sleep during the day and can be quite noisy during the night. For this reason, your child's bedroom may not be the best place for a cage.

When you're shopping for a cage, Midwest Homes For Pets is renowned for having the best cages on the market. Their cages have more bars that are thinner, which make visibility great for you and your critter. Their cages also come with the option of adding different levels to the cage, in case you ever want to add another Sugar Glider to your home.

Since Gliders are nocturnal, it is important that they are able to catch some sleep during the daylight hours. Loud music, heavy foot traffic and movie watching can keep it awake and stress out a glider, which can easily lead to illnesses.

Sugar Glider's Diet
A Sugar Glider got its name because of all the sweet food they enjoy eating. They do have a special diet and as responsible pet owners it is vital that you keep your Glider healthy with a fresh arrangement of fruits, veggies, and a source of protein. This fruits and veggies should be changed out at least every other day. A protein source can be hardboiled eggs, too.

So, owning a Sugar Glider can be a bit of a hassle when it comes to feeding but before you purchase the pet you should keep in mind that you're looking into buying an exotic animal. You can't feed a Glider kibbles or hamster food and expect the to thrive.

Can Sugar Gliders Fly?

A Sugar Glider was specially made to cruise in the air from tree branch to tree branch. Our furry friends are covered with membrane between their wrist and ankle, which is known as a Patagium which makes up their winged-style bodies.

When Sugar Gliders spread out their hands and feet, their Patagium allows them to appear to fly at times. In your home, Gliders will regularly jump around from fans, lampshades and shelves to "spread their wings."

Perks of Owning a Glider
Often called "pocket pals" Sugar Gliders can be extremely social around people. Once they have settled in a new home and are comfortable being handled, a Sugar Glider can be brought around to visit friends. Some pet owners have even been found carrying their Gliders around in their shirt pockets. Sugar Gliders can be very affectionate to their owners and appreciate some light ear scratching and petting.

If your unsure about purchasing a Sugar Glider because it will be left alone for long periods of time, considering buying two Sugar Gliders so that the two can provide each other with good company. However, their owner should still handle them every day.

Sugar Gliders are unique and wonderful critters. In the right home they can live as long as some dogs and bond with their owners just as well. Their fun attitude and one of its kind looks make them an adorable pet for many households. As with any exotic animal, make sure you do lots of reading on the animals before you bring the pet home.

By Sean Bowes
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