Believe it or not, not all dogs can do the doggie paddle!

Not All Dogs Can Swim

Dogs are born with the instincts to bark and play, but what about swimming? Having a swimming style named for a pup (the doggie paddle) would leave one to believe that swimming is another inherent instinct. But similar to humans, some breeds of dogs are better swimmers than others, and some dogs just can't swim at all.

Surprise, Surprise!! Unbeknownst to most people, the poodle is actually a great swimmer. Their long limbs help them to be one of the more aqueous pups.

What Are the Best Swimming Dogs?

Many dogs have been bred over the past few centuries to be great swimmers, so they could retrieve waterfowl and be used for water rescue. Some of these dogs include Water Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, Irish Settlers, and a number of other breeds. These dogs have usually been bred to have strong limbs and longer bodies.

Well, What Dogs Are Not as Good at Swimming?

Top Heavy Dogs
Oftentimes, you can tell by just looking at your dog if he will be a good swimmer or not. Dogs that usually sink like a stone are top heavy dogs with short hindquarters. These dogs just don't have the proper strength needed to keep them afloat. Some of these dogs include: boxers, dachshunds, and bulldogs.

The shape of a bull dog's face makes it difficult for him to swim.

Be Careful Brachycephalic Dogs
Other dogs are also limited by the shape of their face and their ability to breath. Brachycephalic dogs (dogs with flat faces) are usually the same dogs that have short, stout legs. The facial structures of these dogs make it difficult for them to pant effectively, which is extremely important in a highly aerobic exercise like swimming. Their short muzzle, compact skull, and compressed upper respiratory system just aren't conducive to swimming.

Panicky Dogs
Sometimes, it's not so easy to spot a dog that won't be able to swim. This is because temperament plays a huge factor. Dogs that have a panicky nature will generally have the most problems. One way that you might be able to spot these dogs beforehand is by watching how they react to rain. If this small amount of water is bothersome, don't be surprised if he reacts negatively to being thrust in a pool or the ocean. Frightened dogs will scratch and claw at you as he attempts to climb on top of you in search of safety. The panicky nature of these dogs will lead to quicker fatigue and even drowning.

Older Dogs
As dogs age, they lose muscle strength and flexibility- two of the most important qualities of a good swimmer. For dogs that have loved to swim throughout their life, this limiting trait can be quite sad. Luckily for all of the dogs mentioned in this article, there is a solution.

Utilizing a dog life jacket can help any dog enjoy the water.

Use a Life Jacket

If you're taking a family outing to the beach, going out on the boat, or are just hanging out around the pool, there's no reason that your dog has to be excluded. All you need is a Dog Life Jacket. The life jackets at Pet Street Mall come in a variety of sizes and bright safety colors to help keep your dog safe and afloat. These life jackets also include a top handle to help you lift your dog and quick release buckles to help your dog in and out of the jacket.

For any of your dog supply needs, you can always rest easy with Pet Street Mall in your corner.

By: Tim Snyder
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