Noise, Vibrations and Sprays... You Don't Need A Shock Collar To Train Fido

Everyone wants his or her dog to behave like a gentleman. A poorly behaved pooch won't win you any popularity contests and it can be difficult to deal with them inside your own home. Unfortunately, there has never been a dog that was born with the knowledge of how to sit, speak or fetch.

Because canines are pack animals, they need to be shown the proper behavior from their pack leader. If your pup is unable to follow commands by watching you, then you need to make more drastic measures to train your dog. For years, the shock collar has been the go-to training tool for many breeders and dog owners. By using a static charge on the scruff portion of the collar, a pet owner can correct poor behavior in a pooch via a remote or bark sensor on the collar. Unfortunately, many animal lovers believe that the stimulation on these collars is too intense and can cause injury and stress to an animal.

"We owe it to dogs to understand what drives behavior and to meet their needs," says Janice Cook, a Veterinarian from Vancouver. "Punishing a dog with a shock avoids the work of understanding what drives the dog's behavior. Worse yet, it causes physical and psychological harm. This is an archaic and ineffective way to train a dog."

Because many animal rights groups, vets and dog lovers are against shock collars, there have been innovations to the design of the products. In the past decade, pet manufacturers have discovered a way to use the same principles of correcting bad behavior with a shock a collar without using a static charge.

The latest collars on the market utilize a safe non-toxic spray, an annoying vibration or an unpleasant noise to grab your dog's attention.

Shocking Results Without a Shock Collar

If you tell your friends that you are starting to use a dog training collar to get your pooch to behave, you might be shunned from the next dinner party. However, if you let them know that your collar uses a spray, noise or vibration instead of a shocking charge, then they'll probably ask where you bought it.

The latest versions of bark and training collars use a remote or auditory sensor to monitor your dog's actions. Check out the most popular models below:

  • Ultrasonic Remote Trainer: Unlike the spray kits, this system never needs to be refilled. The convenient remote control system trains dogs by using a high decibel ultra sonic sound. Just like dog whistles, this cannot be heard by the human ear. Plus, this trainer doesn't require a collar and it can be used indoors or outdoors.

If you have a dog that needs some extra help training, then you should consider a tool such as a training collar to get your pooch behaving properly. These new collars can help a dog learn commands without shocking them, so you don't have to worry about sneering eyes from neighbors or your pooch. So, when you want to get Fido to quiet down his barking or stop chasing squirrels, you can rest assured knowing that you don't need to shock him to get him to heel.

If you're still unsure which alternative training collars are right for your dog, be sure to ask the pet experts at by calling 800-957-5753. The animal lovers are more than happy to answer any questions about any of the pet products that we carry in our catalogue.

By Sean Bowes
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