Keeping Warm With A Doggie Door

When a customer is looking to purchase a doggie door, they will find several alternatives, each of which with its own set of pros and cons. While cheaper options may look better for the wallet, it's important to consider how skimping on one price tag can end up costing more on another. For example, although it seems obvious, in most states, it gets cold in the winter, even in Florida. Grabbing a doggie door without insulation, or one that swings freely will continually let the warm air out with the dog, and the cold right in.

What To Look For
Before deciding on a doggie door, it's a good idea to consider a few important factors:

  • What are your bills like? Depending upon which door you decide to go with, your power bill could greatly change. With cold air coming in and warm air continually on its way out-even more so when your pooch is holding it open-your heater is going to work that much harder to maintain the temperature setting for the inside of the house. How much more can you afford to pay per month?
  • What is the door made of? Doggie doors come in a variety of options. From plastic and aluminum to just a screen, the material of a door can have a big impact on your home's utility bill. Pet Street Mall carries a wide variety of doors to choose from.
  • How does the door work? In addition to material, another factor to consider when researching dog doors is how the door itself works. Some must be opened manually by your or the animal, while others are electronic, like the PetSafe SmartDoor which unlocks itself when your pet approaches. By attaching the included “Smart Key” to your pet's collar, only your pet is able to access the door, as it will remain locked if another animal tries to get in.
  • What size door should you look for? Another important factor when door shopping is the size of the door you will need for your pet to safely get in and out of your home. Obviously, you don't want your pup getting squeezed. We recommend measuring your dog's widest point and adding at least one or two extra inches for comfort, before measuring the tallest part of your dog and applying the same buffer. Knowing the size door ahead of time also can prevent the frustration of having to de-install and then re-install another door.
  • Is the door insulated? The final thing to make sure of, especially for the frugal-minded, is insulation. This one feature might add a few dollars to the price tag, but it also could end up saving you even more in the long run. In addition to the PetSafe SmartDoor, the PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog Door also is a good insulated option. Utilizing a three-flap system, this door protects your home against extreme heat or cold, as well as insects and driving rain (or snow drifts). It also boasts a lifetime warranty and comes with a snap lock to really keep the weather out.

So, if a doggie door is in your future, don't jump the gun and spring for a cheap option if staying warm and watching your budget is a priority. Cheap doors will let the weather in, while your money and warmth flow out.

By Sean Bowes
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