Keeping Rodents Out With an Electric Door

When you install a doggie door in your home, you expect convenience and the confidence that you're making a healthy decision to let your dog outside to play or use the bathroom whenever they feel the desire to get some fresh air. Unfortunately, there are downsides to the "traditional style" dog doors. Flap-style dog doors can let any critters inside your home and it can also let small children or house cats out, too.

Older doggies doors were basically hinges at the bottom of a door where anything could come in or out of your home. Now there is finally a better solution.

Petsafe SmartDoors in conjunction with a Smartkey is one of the safest ways to keep a lock down on who comes in or out of your home. The way it works is a Smartkey hangs from your pets' collars and when they come close to the doggie door it unlocks and lets them outside. Any animals, critters or curious little toddlers can't get outside (or inside) unless they have a Smartkey.

Smart keys are battery powered and weigh less than five ounces, so your pet can barely notice the addition to their collar. Additionally, up to five pets in your home can wear different Smartkeys that are programmed to one Smartdoor.

Risks From Raccoons
One of the most popular critters to sneak inside homes and unfastened garbage cans is the mischievous raccoon. Despite their cute burglar faces and big puffy tails, a raccoon can be a serious problem if it enters your home. Ask any animal control employee if you should worry about a raccoon coming into your household and see if they think it might be something dangerous. It is!

If you're thinking that a traditional dog door is the right choice for your home, read what you could be allowing your family to come in contacts with.

Rabid Raccoons: Raccoons are a popular host of rabies that can make them vicious biters. The deadly viral disease is nearly always fatal in humans if it is not controlled.

Raccoon Roundworm: If a raccoon has defecated in your home and your pets have come in contact with it, there could be trouble. Roundworm is passed in raccoon feces and can cause blindness and a coma if not cared for.

Leptospirosis: Just like roundworm, this disease is passed through the urine or feces of visiting raccoons. If a raccoon has used the bathroom near your animal's food dish, they could potentially die from this disease.

If you're thinking that an Electric Dog Door sounds like a safer option for your dog or cat, you're probably right. The added security of a door that only opens with the appropriate collar is an expense that is worth spending. Plus, most electronic dog doors are modestly priced.

If you do choose an electronic door, be sure to check the collar's batteries on a regular basis. If the collar fails to open the door or let your dog back into the house due to a dead battery, it could easily become anxious or frightened. If you have any questions about Electronic or Standard Doggie Doors, give us call at 1-800-957-5753, we're more than happy to help you and your pooch get the right door for your home.

By Sean Bowes
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