Keeping Pets Safely Contained with Wi-Fi Fence

The street is no place for dogs to play. Perimeter's Wi-Fi Pet Fence will prevent dogs from straying.

Giving your pets the freedom of being outside but keeping them from running off into harmful environments was always a tricky balancing act. Pet lovers wanted to let their cats and dogs roam freely outdoors but couldn't do so unless they were around to supervise.

There have been a couple of good solutions to this conundrum and a couple of not so good ones over the years…

The Hard Way to Keep Pets Safely Contained

A couple of years ago the 'catio' had a brief moment in the limelight. Basically a catio was an area of patio or deck that the owner screened in with chicken wire and 2x4 wood posts. Once the area was sealed dogs and cats (hence the name) were free to use the catio with no chance of escape.

The trouble was catios were eye-wateringly expensive in materials, back-breakingly hard to build and jaw-droppingly horrible to look at… Unsurprisingly they didn't take off.

Electronic pet fences have been around since the 1980's but these too were a lot of work to install. There was digging trenches, laying wires and all sorts of tomfoolery to navigate driveways and other hard surfaces. Also, when a wire broke you had it all to do again to find the fault. Thankfully technology came to the rescue.

Perimeter's Wi-Fi Dog Fence covers your property to keep pets safely contained.
The Easy Way to Keep Pets Safely Contained

The clever folks at Perimeter Technologies realized that just as Wi-Fi hotspots allowed people to use cellphones, notebooks and iPads within a certain area, so this new technology could also be used to create a safe zone for pets. The Wi-Fi fence was born.

Perimeter's Wi-Fi Fence is the simplest pet containment solution currently available. No wires, no digging and certainly no chicken wire is required, just a central location to place the Wi-Fi base unit and a regular wall outlet power supply. Nice.

Setup is easy and once operational you can pretty much forget all about it apart from periodic inspections and changing the Wi-Fi receiver collar's batteries. Simply plug in the base unit, tune it to cover the area you want, pop the receiver collar onto your pet and you're done! First time invisible fence users will need to train their dogs to use and obey the Wi-Fi pet fence, but even that is an easy and enjoyable process.

The Perimeter Wi-Fi Pet Fence is simple to setup and easy to use.

For ease of setup, use and maintenance the Perimeter Technologies Wi-Fi Dog Fence is second-to-none in simplicity, and because it's the only Wi-Fi pet fence currently available, it stands head and shoulders above the competition for technological superiority.

Keeping pets safe while giving them the freedom of an outdoors lifestyle has never been so easy.

By John Bone
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