Is It Okay to Let Your Cat Sleep in Your Bed?

Cats are definitely cute when they sleep.
Little cats and kittens are unbelievably cute, and many owners feel compelled to have their little feline sleep in the bed with them. But, is this a smart move?

According to Vets, There Is a Chance of Danger
The truth is that many cat owners have been sleeping in the same bed as their cat for a long time and will continue on for years to come. And, they'll probably never get sick or be harmed. However, more and more vets are speaking out against this practice.

Even though health problems are rare, there are a small percentage of people with weak immune systems that are in grave danger when it comes to sleeping in the same bed as their cat. Those at the highest risk are the elderly, young children, transplant recipients, and diabetics.

You may want to second guess your sleeping arrangement.
According to Professor Bruno Chomel's recent study entitled "Zoonoses in the Bedroom," a number of different diseases can be spread in the bed, some of which include Chagas Disease, a variety of infections, and even the plague. The study states, "Zoonotic infections acquired by sleeping with a pet are uncommon. However, severe cases of C. canimorsus infection or plague have been documented... Our review suggests that persons, especially young children or immune-compromised person, should be discouraged from sharing their beds with their pets."

This study may make some people second guess playing with their pets at all, but that doesn't have to be the case. Veterinarians recommend a few simple solutions to avoid any potential problems when it comes to snuggling with your pet.

Providing your cat with his own bed will keep everyone safe.
  1. Take your pet to the vet- Cat owners (really all pet owners) should take their cat to the vet at least once per year. However, twice would be even better.
  2. Give them a bath- Bathing your cat every 1-2 months will help to keep his fur clean and keep fleas off of her. Fleas are one of the major sources of illnesses that could harm a cat.
  3. Wash your hands- After you are done playing with your cat, go to the sink and wash your hands. If there are some germs on your cat, you definitely don't want it ending up in your eyes, your mouth, or anywhere else.
  4. Provide your cat with his own bed- Instead of having your cat sleep in the bed with you; provide him with an equally comfortable cat bed. Today, cat beds come in a wide variety of styles, and most feature comfortable memory foam that help to support your cat's bones and joints.

As long as you're aware of the potential harms and take steps to prevent it, there is no reason to worry about the health of you and your cat.

By: Tim Snyder
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