How to Plan a Dog Wedding

He may not be the prettiest groom in the world, but we hear he has a charming personality

Dog weddings hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently when the Sri Lankan police force came under fire from the country's government for holding a televised dog wedding for nine pairs of police sniffer dogs.

Thankfully in the US we are free to throw a wedding for our pooches whenever we like, without worrying about criticism. In fact people here love an excuse for a celebration so here's a few tips on planning a successful dog wedding of your own.

Mmmmm yummy dog treats for your favorite pups

Planning Your Pet Wedding

  1. Send out invitations to all the doggy friends of the happy canine couple. In other words text all your friends from the dog park and invite them and their pets over for the afternoon.
  2. Groom the dogs for the Big Day. No one wants a mucky pup walking down the aisle, so some proper grooming is in order. A trim with the clippers, wash, shampoo and a comb and dry will have Fido and FiFi looking gorgeous on the big day. Of course this is really just an elaborate pretext to wash your pets.
  3. Make sure there are plenty of wedding favors and treats. The happy couple and their invited guests want it to be a memorable occasion so make sure there are plenty of pet treats and people snacks on hand. Yes this whole wedding idea is simply an excuse for a backyard picnic and party!

Half the joy of owning a dog is the fun you get to have with them, so think outside the box, be imaginative and throw a dog wedding or a doggy birthday party. Dog supply specialists like PetStreetMall have all the dog supplies you need to enjoy happy times with your dogs and your friends' dogs... Be adventurous!

By John Bone
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