How to Keep Your Dog from Escaping His Pen

Harry Houdini was one of the great escape artists of all-time, but some dogs have done their best to rival him.
The Houdini Hounds

In the early afternoon hours of March 17th 1904, approximately 4000 salivating spectators and more than 100 ravenous journalists flocked like wolves to London's Hippodrome Theatre to witness Harry Houdini's mind bending escape act. On this particular day, Houdini was attempting to escape from a pair of handcuffs that a Birmingham locksmith spent five years to create. After nearly two hours of struggle and suspense, Houdini emerged and once again proved that he could escape from anything. Harry Houdini was a master of wowing crowds during the early 20th century as he escaped from chains, straightjackets that held him underwater, and being buried alive. Often times when dogs manage to escape from their dog pen, dog owners feel the same sense of bewilderment that Houdini's audiences felt. Fortunately for owners, there are a few ways to make your dog's escape chances disappear.

A wire mesh top will help to prevent your dog from escaping his dog pen.
Strengthen Your Dog Pen

Placing a wire mesh top along the top of a dog's pen is one of the best ways to prevent a dog from escaping. Here at Pet Street Mall, we offer a wire mesh top that is gold zinc plated and uses 8 metal bolt snaps to lock your top in. This wire mesh top is designed to fit all of the dog pens that we offer and is made from durable 9 and 11 gauge metals. Also, the edges of the pen are molded to a ninety degree angle to ensure that it securely fits onto your pen.

If you don't want to put a cage on top of your pen, inserting L-shaped metal overhangs is an alternative option. These L-shaped bands of metal can be placed at the top of your pen to discourage jumping and/or at the bottom of your fence, sliding into the ground to prohibit digging. To ensure durability, make sure these pieces of metal are wide and strong enough to deflect a dog's attempts at escape. Attaching them to your fence is easy, just use a metal crimp to pin one side of the L-shaped piece of metal to the fence and make sure the overhang is faced inward. Some people prefer to weld these pieces on, but either way will help make your pen escape-proof.

Keeping your dog in his dog pen can be tricky, but with the help of Pet Street Mall it becomes a little easier.

By: Tim Snyder
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