How to Get Results with a DT Systems Bark Collar

Training a dog not to bark is made much easier if you follow a few simple ground rules.

DT Systems has built a venerable reputation within the dog training world thanks to its innovative e-collars and training tools. It was the first manufacturer to develop digital microcomputer technology for its collars and the first to offer a 'vibration only' feature to e-collars, thus giving pet owners a non-shock option.

With these and other innovations DT Systems' e-collars have been helping professional trainers, sportsmen and everyday pet owners train their dogs to be obedient, loving companions and cherished members of the family. However, no matter how well designed and effective the training collar, if the operator doesn't use it correctly then the results will fall short of what's achievable.

Bark Collar Do's and Don'ts

When teaching a dog not to bark using a DT Systems No-Bark Trainer there are a few ground rules to follow if you want the training to be a success.

Remove any other vibrating devices. DT Systems' bark collars sense vibrations to trigger the correction. A separate vibrating device could cause a false correction that confuses the dog, complicating and slowing the training process.

Try and determine why the dog barks. If you know why a dog is barking it's far easier to focus the training on that area. For example does it bark because it's lonely, or from excitement when you're around? Identify what triggers the barking and concentrate on those problem areas.

DT Systems' 1125 No-Bark Trainer uses rechargeable batteries.

Don't install the battery when you first use the collar. Let the dog become used to the new collar before allowing it to send corrections. Only when the dog is completely at ease with the collar should the battery be installed and the training began. DT Systems' 1125DT Mini Rechargeable No-Bark Collar uses rechargeable batteries for additional cost-effectiveness.

Remove the collar before playtime. Dogs love to bark when they play so make sure the collar is removed when it's time for some fun at the local dog park.

Don't leave the collar on for more than 12 consecutive hours. The DT Systems No-Bark Trainer is a training tool, not a fashion accessory. Never leave it on a dog for more than 12 hours at a time or the sensor/correction contacts may cause irritation to its skin.

Ensure a good collar fit. The collar should be snug without being tight; a finger width of play is generally recommended. Once you've established a good fit, remove the collar, cut off any excess from the nylon collar strap and seal the edge with a flame.

Periodically trim the dog's hair to maintain contact. If the dog has particularly long hair it may be necessary to trim the hair where the contacts meet its skin. Continue to trim this area from time to time until the training is complete.

Keep things clean. Wash your dog's neck at least once a week. Look for any signs of irritation and adjust the collar accordingly. Also clean the contact points with alcohol to maintain cleanliness.

Follow these basic guidelines, be patient with your four-legged friend and soon enough you'll find you have a contented pooch whose barking days are well and truly behind him.

By John Bone
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