How To Crate Train Large Breed Dogs

If you're considering a large breed dog as an addition to your home, be ready for a major adjustment to your lifestyle. While it's true that bigger breeds of dogs are often "Gentle Giants," they still come with a load of responsibility. In fact, there is a much longer list for pet owners to keep their oversized pets happy and healthy. Whether you're buying super-sized bags of dog food or investing in vitamins and supplements for their massive joints and muscles, bigger pooches mean a bigger responsibility.

However, just because bigger breeds take up more space on the couch, doesn't mean that they need to be trained any differently. Just like any other dog, 100+lb breeds still benefit from traditional dog training methods like Crate Training.

It doesn't matter what breed of dog you have, your pooch needs an appropriate sized crate. Also, since many larger breeds of dog suffer from joint problems and hip dysplasia, it is vital not to buy an undersized dog crate. Just like a rhinoceros feeling cramped in a studio apartment, it can be extremely unpleasant for a dog, such as a Great Dane, to be cooped up in a small dog crate.

Luckily, some trusted pet brands have worked on developing high quality large dog crates for bigger pooches to call home.

Buying The Right Sized Dog Crate

When it comes to dog crate shopping, you may feel a little bit like Goldilocks looking for the right sized bed.

"This crate is too big... this crate is too small."

Eventually, you want to find a crate that is "just right." Yet, if you have a younger dog or a puppy, you need to plan accordingly. Once a dog becomes too large for its crate, the results can be disastrous. One pet trainer compared the transition of a dog growing in its crate to a paradise retreat quickly turning into a prison cell. If a crate is too small, your pooch won't be able to turn around and may have to hunch over, which can cause health problems and make them anxious. Yet, if a crate is too spacious, your dog may lose interest in its den (all dogs are den animals and crates are designed to reflect this) and your dog may start using the corner as a restroom.

According to pet experts, if you have a full sized pooch, you want to measure your dog from the base of their tail to the tip of their nose. DO NOT use a crate that is any smaller than this length. All Dog Crates are properly proportioned, so pet owners only need to be concerned with the length of the crate.

If you have a younger dog or a puppy, it's a bit trickier. Unless you want to purchase a new crate every time your dog outgrows their current one, you need to buy a larger crate that is able to utilize divider panels. These modern crates allow you tighten the space of your dog's den by ensuring that the training is effective. By keeping a tighter space with a puppy, a pet owner promotes bowel control and potty training.

So, whenever your pooch starts to outgrow their crate, you can simply take the divider panel and move it back a few inches to give them some stretching room. This option is also ideal because your dog will never be forced to adjust to another dog crate again.

Checking Out A Large Dog Crate With Divider Panels

Today, Great Danes, St. Bernards and Irish Wolfhounds owners can rest at ease knowing that they can use the same effective crate training techniques that have been used for decades.

When pets go inside their crate, it's important that they are comfortable and feel secure. If you have a pooch that is still growing you want to be sure you have the option of changing the living space inside the crate with a divider panel. Check out this choice below:

  • Large Dog Crate: Manufactured by trusted pet brand, MidWest, this large dog crate has everything a pet owner needs to get started on training their big dog. The size measure 54' long, so even the biggest pooches won't feel cramped inside. Plus, it features a safe and secure bolt latch and modest black electro finish to compliment your home. Additionally, the company makes divider panels that can be easily installed in the crate to customize the size of the den for your growing dog.

Just like all dogs, large breeds can take some time to get adjusted to their crate. It's important to slowly introduce them to it and to keep a favorite toy inside to keep them calm. Also, it's never recommended for crate "newbies" to spend long hours in the crate, otherwise your pooch may associate it with punishment and won't want to go inside. Yet, a properly trained dog of any size can be taught to appreciate their crate, it just takes a bit of time and patience.

If you're looking for a way to different dog crate to train your pooch, be sure to ask the pet experts at by calling 800-957-5753. The animal lovers are more than happy to answer any questions about any of the pet products that we carry in our catalogue.

By Sean Bowes
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