How Dog Grooming Has Become
One of America's Favorite Pastimes?

The National Dog Show is the most popular doggy sporting event in the country.

Thanksgiving is coming up. That means plates of turkey, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie will be passed around your dinner table. For approximately 20 million households around the country, it also means that The National Dog Show will be a part of the afternoon festivities. The National Dog Show is considered to be one of the three major dog shows in the United States, the other two being the Westminster Dog Show and the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship (funky name, I know). But, the big question is: how have these events become so popular?

Judge from Your Couch

Why is the National Dog Show so popular? Much of its appeal has to do with its interactive nature. The show's host, David Frei, says, "Unlike a football game when it's clear who wins, there's an element of subjectivity (when choosing dog show winners). I second guess the judges all the time. Of course, viewers do that at home, too. That's part of the fun." Adding this interactive element helps to facilitate conversation and debate amongst viewers. Especially on a family oriented day like Thanksgiving, this is unbelievably valuable to our society. Our country was built on family tradition and family bonding, so it's no wonder why this event is becoming more and more popular each year.

Do You Think Your Dog Could Compete?
Anybody can be a judge for the show; that's part of the fun.

The National Dog Show is a great event for family bonding, but its not the only reason that it's so popular. Frei once again speaks up and lets us know why the event has become so great; he says, "So there I am watching the dog show in the comfort of my home on my sofa…and I say, 'Grace, if you skipped some cookies and I gave you a bath, you could be in the show, too.' We all relate our own dogs to the dogs on TV."

This theory makes sense. We live in a country where competition is everything. Across the United States, people flock to football games, parents enter their children in beauty pageants, and ambitious small business owners push themselves in hopes of realizing the American Dream. Watching something like the National Dog Show makes us realize that the American dream is alive for our pups, too. What an amazing feeling! With a little bit of upkeep, our pups could rise to the top and prove that the American dream is real.

Where and When Do I Watch

This year, the National Dog Show will be broadcast at noon on NBC (it will be at noon in all time zones). If you are a dog lover or just want to check out one of America's most beloved shows, make sure to tune in.

By: Tim Snyder
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