Hound Heater: Keeping Your Dogs Warm in Winter

Outside need more food and calories to burn during the wintertime to help them cope with the extreme cold
If you keep your hounds housed outdoors during the cold months it's important to keep them warm. Of course anyone who cares about their dogs wants them to be comfortable and happy, but keeping them warm will also help maintain their good health and save you money on pricey dog food bills.

Without a doubt one of the best outdoor dog house heating systems available is the Hound Heater. The Hound Heater by Akoma Dog Products is the only space heating system PetStreetMall recommends, and what's more it's an American invention.

Hound Heater Saves You Money
Outdoor dogs require more food in winter to generate the energy needed to cope with the cold. For working dogs this can be anywhere from 25% to 50% more food per day, which is a lot of extra food to buy and therefore a lot more money to spend! A Hound Heater in the dog house won't just keep your dogs happy and warm, it will keep the temperature at a point where your dogs won't be eating your bank account empty.

Of course the Hound Heater will also give you the reassurance that while you're indoors with your feet up in front of the fire, your dogs are comfortable too. Remember; if you do right by your dogs and they'll do right by you.

The World's #1 Selling Dog Heater

The Hound Heater Furnace keeps dogs warm all winter
Yes the Hound Heater is designed in America and it's a great example of American ingenuity. In fact it's the world's #1 selling pet space heater and we're proud it's American.

At its heart lies a powerful 100-watt heating element that is rated for 50,000 hours of run time and is guaranteed to cut through even the most bitter of winter nights. Should the element ever burn out it is completely replaceable, so you won’t have to throw the whole unit away and start again as you might with an inferior system.

Hound Heater Classic or Hound Heater Furnace?
Of the Hound Heater's two models the Hound Heater Classic will need to be turned on and off but the Hound Heater Furnace has an internal thermostat (rated for 100,000 cycles) so you can set it and forget it. The only other major difference is that the Classic runs at a lower wattage so will not heat quite as large of a space as the Furnace: on average 16 cu/ft and 32 cu/ft respectively.

The Hound Heater Classic is an all American design
In another show of American ingenuity the Hound Heater comes fully assembled and requires nothing more than drilling a hole for the power cord and screwing the unit to the wall. There'll be no having to read through assembly manuals written in a foreign language or searching for missing plastic pieces. In fact the Hound Heater is constructed from tough powder-coated steel which also acts as a heat shield and protects dogs from getting burned, even if they touch the Hound Heater.

All in all the Hound Heater is a very well thought out system and one that should be in every dog house during wintertime. If you'd rather your dogs were hot dogs instead of chilly dogs, the Hound Heater will keep them warm whenever it's cold.

By John Bone
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