Helping Your Pet Recover After Surgery

Just like humans, pets can get themselves into some hairy situations, some of which result in a trip to the pet hospital. Following a surgery, pets need some time to relax and recover, but they need to do it in the comfort of their home. Getting them there is the first step in that process, but how does a dog that just had surgery hop into a car? Spot doesn't. By using a dog ramp, you can see Spot walk right up and in the door.

Most Common Surgeries for Pets

  • Spay/Neutering: Although a common procedure, having your pet spayed or neutered is still a surgical procedure that could affect the animal's mobility/ability to jump. Typically, vets discourage excess movement after surgery for 7-10 days, including running and jumping.
  • Skin Issues (Removal of Benign/Malignant Masses): Keeping an eye on your pooch's skin is important, as tumors can form and become noticeable to the touch. If you notice an unnatural, raised area, consult a veterinarian, as it could be a tumor. Following removal, it will be important to restrict movement that could reopen the incision, which could include jumping up into a bed or vehicle.

Running Ramp-ant
To help assist your pooch with getting in and out of vehicles or in and out of your bed, a dog ramp is the perfect solution for a temporarily mobility-challenged dog. Big or small, there is a ramp that will perfectly suit yours and your pet's needs.

For the space-conscious pet owner, getting a dog ramp can seem like a storage nightmare. However, Ramp For Paws has you and your pet covered with the Roll Up Pet Ramp. Available in two sizes, the Roll Up Pet Ramp rolls out to produce a full-length ramp and rolls up into a small cylinder, making it easily storable in the corner of a closet or in a trunk.

But don't let the name fool you. Just because it rolls up, the Roll Up Pet Ramp's engineering doesn't compromise its stability. The textured ramp is made of a mixture of polypropylene (plastic) glass fibers for extra support and the hinges are made with impact-resistant polycarbonate, allowing the ramp to support pets weighing up to 160 lbs.!

Smart Pet Owners Use The Smart Ramp
Another option to consider is the Smart Ramp. Rain or snow, with the Smart Ramp, your pet's paws will never lose traction. By utilizing the Shur-Foot anti-slip tread material, your dog can walk with confidence up and down the ramp in any kind of weather. The ramp also features non-slip feet at both ends so that no matter the weight of your dog, the ramp will hold firm and not slip off the surface it is raised to.

So, the next time you take your dog in for a surgical procedure, consider your dog's recovery and how limited his or her mobility may be. A dog ramp can make a serious difference in both your dog's recovery and attitude while recovering.

By Sean Bowes
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