Heated Pet Beds Help Your Dog Grow and Be Healthy


Puppies need good sleep, so they can grow to be strong and happy.

The average full grown dog sleeps anywhere from 12-16 hours per day, and puppies sleep even more. They can sleep up to 20 hours per day! This sleep is very important for the early development of your dog, both physically and mentally. This is even more important for newly adopted puppies. They need to feel comfortable in their new environment, so they can develop at the proper pace. Having a heated pet bed may be the perfect safe-haven for your dog and help to feel comfortable and ready to adjust. Taking the steps to make sure that he is comfortable early on will be beneficial for the dog’s development and will help you to have a happy, well-trained pup.

Below are the ten major stages of puppy development. During this time, puppies are developing at a rate far more rapid than humans. It is important that they get good sleep because this is where development and recovery really happens.

  1. Neonatal Period (Birth- 12 days) Puppies cannot see, hear, or regulate their own body temperatures.
  2. Transitional Period (13-20 days) Eyes and ears open and become aware of their basic senses
  3. Awareness Period (21-23 days) They reach full awareness and learning begins
  4. Canine Socialization (21-49 days) Increased play with other puppies starts. Puppies learn dog specific characteristics like barking, chasing, biting, and body postures. Taking a puppy away from the litter at this time can be very detrimental to his socialization skills. Also, potty training can begin!
  5. Human Socialization (7-12 weeks) This is when puppies gain their full mental capabilities and is the perfect time to train them.
  6. Fear Imprint Period (8-11 weeks) Any traumatic happenings during this period could impact a puppy for the rest of his life. Keep training light and fun!
  7. Seniority Classification (10-16 weeks) This period is when there is a lot of biting, and if the litter is still together, there is intense competition. They need structure!
  8. Flight Instinct Period (4-8 months) Their adult teeth are growing in and they may become independent. Often, they forget basic commands and sometimes even potty training.
  9. Second Fear Period (6-14 months) Puppies may become afraid of other dogs or unusual things. Sometimes, this fear can manifest into aggressive outbursts.
  10. Maturity (1-4 years) The beginning of full maturity.

Heated pet beds are a great tool that could help your dog’s recovery and development.
One of the cruel facts of life is sickness and disease. If you go and visit your ailing grandmother in the hospital, you might bring flowers or some sort of “pick-me-up” to comfort her. If you are stuck at home with the flu, a doctor might prescribe some medicine to help you feel better. During times of sickness, it is always nice to give someone the things that will help him/her to recover, which will provide a little extra comfort. The same goes for your dog. Dogs get sick just as much as humans. One of the most prevalent sicknesses for dogs is cancer. According to the National Canine Cancer Federation, cancer affects 1 in 3 canines. When a dog is suffering from cancer, his body temperature will often drop, and it is difficult for him to find comfort. A heated dog bed will give him the heat that his body is having trouble producing. Like cancer, many other sicknesses that can cause a dog’s body temperature to drop. So, having a heated dog bed is a great way to help your dog cope with his illness and bounce back to full health.

If you have any further questions about heated pet beds or our products, feel free to e-mail or call us. We love all animals and take pride in providing you with any information you may need.

By: Tim Snyder
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