Heated Cat Beds Can Protect Your Cat

Have you ever seen your cat curled up next to the side of your computer or another area that gives heat? Of course you have! Cats love to nuzzle themselves up against warm places, especially in the fall and winter months. Actually, a cat's love for warmth starts when they are kittens. Before their eyes are opened, cats use extremely sensitive warmth receptors on their face to find their mother. Even though cat's heat receptors are sensitive on their face, they are insensitive on the rest of their bodies. So, it's important to have a controlled, warm area for your cat to sleep in so he is protected from being burned. The answer is simple: use a heated cat bed.

Do Cats Really Ever Get Burned?
Cats being burned happen more often than people sometimes think. If you do a quick search on the internet, you'll find numerous stories and examples of cats getting harmed by the heat. This happens because as a cat falls asleep, his body temperature drops. Naturally, cats look for a toasty place to sleep to keep them warm: computer towers, cable boxes, outside of the fireplace/furnace, etc. This drop in body temperature combined with a lack of sensitivity to heat can sometimes cause cats to be burned.

Cat Burn Remedies
According to Animal Planet, "An important part of cat care is knowing how to treat a cat that is burned." Of course, most burns that happen are mild and may stem from sleeping on things like a computer tower. However, cat burns can range from 1st to 3rd degree burns, as well as chemical burns.

For first and second degree burns, you should apply a slightly chilled pack or cold water to the injured area and leave on for fifteen minutes; don't apply ointment or butter. If the wound is not too bad, you can also apply Aloe Vera to help with the healing process. If the wounds appear to be of a more serious nature, you should dress them with a sterile bandage or cloth. The bandage should be tied tightly enough for it to stay in place but not any tighter. However, don't use cotton because it is better to use a non-adhesive, non-fluffy dressing that won't stick and further irritate the wound.

Chemical burns are not as immediately damaging to the skin, but exposure to chemicals also requires immediate attention. If a cat's fur comes in contact with a chemical, the cat could be in danger of being poisoned if he licks and cleans the area. It is important that you wash your cat's fur thoroughly, and repeat the process if necessary.

For third degree burns, the most important thing to do is lightly wrap the wound in a sterile dressing and immediately drive your cat to a veterinarian or doctor. Also another tip is rubbing honey or Karo syrup on your kitty's gums. This will keep him from passing out on the way to the vet. When dealing with serious burns, there are a few things not to do. Don't apply ointment and don't hesitate to get your cat the care he needs.

Heated Pet Beds Can Actually Prevent Burns
Since cats are not sensitive to heat, it is important that they have a sleeping area that offers warmth but will not burn them. Heated pet beds are the answer. With a heated pet bed, owners can control the temperature and atmosphere of a cat's sleeping area.

Most heated pet beds include a dual thermostat that controls a 4 watt heater. This heater keeps the bed 12-15 degrees above ambient room temperature and will heat up to 102 degrees when a cat uses it. 102 degrees is a cat's natural body temperature, so these beds will give him exactly what he needs. Also, many of the heated pet beds are washable, which allows owners the comfort of knowing that their cat is in a clean, sterile environment. All of these positive factors of a heated pet bed will ensure that your cat will be protected as he receives the warmth that he needs.

By: Tim Snyder
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