Healthy Hair Means a Healthy Pet

The condition of a pet's coat plays a big role in its overall health
Coat, fur... call it what you will, but a cat or dog's hair is far more important to it than our hair is to us. Although judging by the millions of dollars spent on hair products each year you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

Shampoos and conditioners to clean it, mousses to make it curl, keratin treatments to make it straight, gels to make it stand up and sprays to keep it in place... that's an awful lot of product for something that since the invention of the hat we have had not much practical use for! Cats' and dogs' hair, however, is vitally important to their wellbeing.

A Pet's Hair is its Only Means of Protection
A healthy coat protects against the elements and helps a pet to regulate body temperature The hair of a cat or dog protects is like a suit of armor and it protects it from anything and everything.

  • Water. A pet's hair helps repel rain and snow.
  • Sunlight. Hair acts as a 'sunscreen' keeping UV rays form direct contact with the skin.
  • Heat. The hairs closest to a pet's skin provide a barrier of dry air to aid thermoregulation and keep its body temperature at an optimal level.
  • Threat. Cats are able to raise their hairs in a display to ward off perceived threats.
  • Understanding. Cats use their hair and whiskers for spatial awareness - that's why they rub along furniture when they walk.

The Right Things to Keep a Pet's Coat in Top Condition
If a pet's hair isn't kept in good condition it will be unable to protect itself as well as it could from these environmental conditions. However, shampoo and conditioners aren't the best answer for keeping a pet's coat in tip top condition. The best way to keep your pet's coat in a healthy condition is through a combination of good diet and careful grooming. You'll find everything you could need at a pet supply specialist and there is plenty of choice available.

Grooming your dog will help keep its coat in good condition A cat or dog's diet will play a big role in the quality and health of its coat; the healthier the diet, the healthier the hair. The best way to ensure your pet has a healthy diet is to buy quality pet foods and add to them vitamins and nutritional supplements. Also, if work means you're not at home to feed your pet during the day an automatic feeder will ensure it is fed and watered at regular intervals.

Another way to keep your pet's coat healthy is by grooming it on a regular basis. Regularly combing a cat, especially long haired breeds, will stimulate healthy hair growth, and no dog owner should be without dog combs and clippers, a dog bathing bath and grooming table. There are plenty of grooming products to keep your pet's coat well maintained.

So next time you're buying conditioner and some mousse, spare a thought for your pet and think what you can do for his or her hair.

By John Bone
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