GPS Technology Improves Dog Tracking

Billions of dollars to develop, 13,000 miles above the earth and it's yours to use for free!

Whether you're an enthusiast just beginning the sport of dog tracking, or a seasoned hunter with more seasons under your belt than you'd care to mention, GPS technology has made tracking your dog a whole lot easier and more accurate.

The availability of GPS technology since the turn of the millennium has revolutionized the way we drive, find our way around cities and navigate our way through unspoiled open country. It's this same technology that is at the heart of the Garmin Astro dog tracking system.

Space-Age Technology in Your Pocket
GPS (global positioning system) uses satellites orbiting Earth to measure and determine precise locations and times. You'd be forgiven for thinking that such a technology would be extremely costly to use - look at how much you get gouged each month for internet and cable - but in fact it's totally free, all you need is a GPS receiver and it's all yours! Better still, because the satellite network is maintained by the US Government you could fairly argue that the GPS system is "made in the US".

The Garmin Astro GPS is the ultimate in dog tracking

You might not know it but you probably already own a GPS receiver... it's your cellphone. If you have a smartphone then you're carrying a GPS receiver, and the incredible thing about all of this space-age technology? It all fits in your pocket.

Garmin - #1 Name in GPS Devices
The name Garmin is to GPS devices what Hoover is to vacuum cleaners and Coca-Cola is to soda drinks. One of the pioneers of GPS technology, Garmin is today recognized as the leader in GPS receivers. Although Garmin produces industry trendsetting GPS devices for automobile, marine and avionic use, it is perhaps best known for its handheld GPS units for athletes, adventurers, sportsmen and hunters.

Astro will track a dog for a range of up to 9 miles
Dog Tracking with Garmin Astro
There are a few dog tracking devices out there, but none come close to the Garmin Astro in terms of accuracy, range and versatility. The Astro GPS system can track 10 dogs over a massive 9 mile range, all accomplished from a receiver that fits in the palm of your hand. But what the Garmin Astro GPS lacks in size it makes up for in features and capabilities.

  • Customizable displays, activity logging and digital evaluations and data storage.
  • Bark detection even if dogs are beyond audible range.
  • Resistant to water, dirt, dust, humidity and all weather conditions.
  • Transmit refresh every 5 seconds for pinpoint accuracy.
  • High sensitivity GPS and GLONASS receiver allows tracking even in dense cover.
  • Expands with additional software for advanced mapping, birds-eye views, covey evaluation and many other options.

If you've ever spent hours in the dark and rain trying to find a lost dog you'll know just how precious a dog tracking device is. By combining dependable tracking with the might and accuracy of GPS, the Garmin Astro is more than precious, it's invaluable.

By John Bone
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