Global Warming, Canine Cooling

Those gorgeous red sunsets are caused by dust from thousands of miles away
Did you know that those beautiful red sunsets are caused by sand and dust particles in the atmosphere? Even more surprising is that those particles probably originated thousands of miles away from continents on the other side of the world.

For example Florida's glowing orange sunsets come thanks to sand from the Sahara in Africa, and California can be similarly affected by dust from the Gobi desert in China.

The basic facts are that everywhere and everything on our small planet has an effect on something else.

"Global warming? So what's that then?"
Pets are Getting Hotter Outdoors
While we're not going to go into the details of climate change, this interaction between things across thousands of miles has dramatic effects. As well as giving us nice sunsets, those dust clouds from Africa when combined with high pressure prevent cooling rainstorms from forming, and therefore the afternoons are a few degrees hotter.

If you have an outdoor pet, a hot afternoon can be uncomfortable, particularly for dog breeds with a larger body mass or cats and dogs with thick fur. Being exposed to the heat can cause dehydration or even sunstroke in a pet, but bringing them indoors might not be an instant cure...

Pets are Getting Hotter Indoors
All the household appliances and electronic devices we have these days produce heat. You know what it feels like when you walk into the kitchen when the oven and stovetops are cooking, dishwasher is running and the microwave is on... it raises the temperature by five degrees and that extra heat spreads throughout the house. Elsewhere computers, televisions and game consoles throw out even more heat. You've got your own mini climate change going on in your home!

Keeping Pets Cool and Happy
This can present a problem for pets who can't regulate their body temperature as well as we can. You can't leave them outside and you can't leave them inside… what can you do? One answer is a cooling dog bed that will not only give your pets somewhere comfortable to sit and snooze, but will keep them cool and stop them from overheating.

Pet-friendly cooling products such as the Cool Bed III and the excellently named Chillow are simple, easy to use and inexpensive. However the happiness they will bring to an overheated pet is priceless.

As we try and live healthier, greener lifestyles to look after the planet, we need to help our pets enjoy healthier, cooler lifestyles.

By John Bone
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