Giving Your Pooch a Place To Snooze Outside

Whether you own a Labrador or a Chihuahua, if it has four legs, a tail and goes Woof Woof (or yip yip) then you have a furry friend that loves hanging out in the backyard. Fresh air and lots of exercise are great ways to keep your dog happy and healthy. In fact, most dogs enjoy spending the majority of their time outdoors. Unfortunately, when it comes time for a catnap or an afternoon snooze, many dogs are left in the dirt... literally.

When it's hot outside, a dog will dig a hole in the shade to try and keep cool, this is a great way for dogs to take a rest after exploring the backyard, but it's also an easy way to introduce fleas, ticks or other pests to your dog's coat. Plus, a dirty dog is not one that you want to bring inside your home.

When a dog takes a snooze outside, it should be an enjoyable experience; birds chirping, a cool summer's breeze and their favorite dog bowl a few feet away. If you care about your pooch and his comfort, then you should invest in a way for him to keep clean and relaxed in a secure outdoor bed.

Which Dog Beds Are Best For Outside

Whether your dog spends all of his time outside or just enjoys hanging out with the family during a BBQ, it's important that they have a sweet spot to relax after running around. Today's outdoor dog beds were made to be breathable, durable and resistant to pests, so your dog can fight dehydration as well as keep a clean coat.

When you're looking for a dog bed for your pooch, you want to consider the size, weight and personality of your pet. Some dog beds are raised higher off the ground, which is great for pooch's with long fur coats to cool off, but it can be difficult for older dogs who have joint and hip problems. Below is a list of the most popular outdoor dog beds on the market:

  • Classic Cot: Introducing a timeless design. The Classic Cot has been an outdoor favorite for dogs since its inception in 1995. Since then, dogs have enjoyed the comfortable fabric and sturdy steel construction of the chew-proof beds. This bed features fabric panels that are pulled tight, extremely durable and can handle dogs of all weights and sizes.

When it comes to man's best friend, they always need a place where they can feel comfortable to take a rest. Whether it's on your sofa or at the foot of your bed, a dog feels coziest when he has a nice place to rest his eyes. The outdoors is no different. A proper bed for your dog to rest outside will keep his fur clean, his body rested and his tail wagging. So, when the sunny weather starts rolling in and your family starts firing up the grill, remember that Fido wants to be a part of the festivities; he just needs a good place to chill out.

If you're looking for a new Outdoor Dog Bed for your pooch, be sure to ask the pet experts at by calling 800-957-5753. The dog lovers are more than happy to answer any questions about any of the products that we carry in our catalogue.

By Sean Bowes
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