Garmin Astro GPS: Premium Dog Tracking System

Just as the brand names Kleenex and Coke have become generic words that we use to describe similar products, so Garmin has become synonymous with GPS technology. Originally developing GPS equipment for the military, today Garmin leads the way in providing GPS products for the aviation, automotive, marine and outdoor activities markets.

Everything you need is in the palm of your hand with the Garmin Astro GPS tracking system

Garmin: World Leader in GPS Tracking
With a reputation for creating compelling designs that are built to exacting standards, Garmin's GPS systems deliver outstanding performance every time.

In 2011 Garmin acquired the pioneering dog training equipment firm Tri-Tronics. Adding Tri-Tronics 45-years of sporting dog expertise to its considerable R&D might added yet more strength in depth to Garmin and its Astro 320 GPS tracking system.

The Garmin Astro 320 GPS System

The Astro's highly accurate GPS tracking can follow 10 dogs over 9 miles
Fully utilizing Garmin's high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS (global navigation satellite system) technology, the Astro enables the handler to track up to 10 dogs at any given time over an impressive 9 mile distance. Just a glance at the full color display screen will tell you with pinpoint accuracy exactly where your dogs are. Never again will you worry about losing a dog, even in the wildest terrain and most treacherous weather conditions.

Incredibly easy to use, the Garmin Astro 320 features a map page that shows a dog's current location, distance from you and the trail he took to get there. By switching to the tracker page you can determine a dog's status (running, stationary, on point) and the Astro can also tell you when a dog is barking even when it's way out of audible range.

The Astro 320 is highly expandable with add-ons such as Covey Counter (a waypoint app that logs details of discovered prey), BaseCamp (map organizational software), BirdsEye Satellite Imagery (advanced mapping), TOPO maps and much more. There's also a new and improved collar due very soon.

Key Features of the Garmin Astro
The Astro's specification list is virtually endless and much thought has gone into ensuring its users will be prepared for any and every eventuality. Key features include:

  • HotFix and a high sensitivity receiver to acquire satellites.
  • Improved base map with Digital Elevation Model and improved mapping support.
  • Tracks 10,000 points of information per dog for absolute accuracy.
  • Switchable between hunting, recreational, automotive, marine, geocaching and fitness profiles for additional uses outside hunting.
  • Robust construction withstands dust, dirt, humidity and water.
  • Compatible with all Garmin DC Series collars.

  • Garmin Astro 320 GPS
  • Increased regular battery life of up to 26 hours, and includes rescue mode that further increases battery life to 54 hours.

No More Guessing with GPS Accuracy
You never need worry again when you go into the field. As the premier tracking system for sports dogs the Garmin Astro GPS will monitor your dogs' every movements no matter what terrain you find yourself in. No more guessing where an errant dog has gotten to, with the Astro you'll have all the information in the palm of your hand.

By John Bone
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