Garfield- The Voice of the Cat Generation

Like a true star, Garfield has been rolling money for over thirty years
Garfield Bursts On To the Scene
The initial publication of the Garfield comic strip came on June 19, 1978. It wasn't long before Garfield became the voice of the entire cat world. By 1981, Garfield was featured in more than 850 newspapers nationwide and was generating a whopping 15 million dollars. Much of Garfield's appeal could be contributed to his avoidance of political commentary. Instead, like the vainglorious feline he was, Garfield stuck to topical jokes that dealt with everyday kitty issues.

Garfield Knows What It's Like to Be a Cat
Most of Garfield's jokes surrounded around two things: eating and sleeping. This topical humor made millions of cats around the country proud. As preparation for this article, I interviewed Clunkers, a housecat from Rhode Island; he purred, "Garfield, he's kind of like Bob Dylan or something. He's got his finger on the pulse of our generation. He speaks for all of us cats out there."

Cats love to eat more than just about anything.
Looking through transcripts of the classic Garfield cartoon, I found that he really did speak up for kitty rights. Some of his most famous quotes included:
  • "Love me, feed me, never leave me."
  • "Oh no! I overslept! I'm late! For my nap."
  • "Some people have anxiety attacks, some people have gas attacks... I have nap attacks."
  • "When the lasagna content in my blood gets low, I get mean."
  • "You can scratch my chair, you can insult my mother, you can beat up my dog, and you can play with my rubber mousie... but you don't eat my food and you don't sleep in my bed."

Garfield Rises to the Top of the Mountain
Garfield's career continued to ascend. When the late 80s rolled around, Garfield was given his own television series entitled Garfield and Friends. The show ran for seven seasons and became a smash hit on the Saturday morning lineup. On the back of Garfield's charisma and feline insights, the show became so popular that Twentieth Century Fox made two movies and signed on stars like Bill Murray and Jennifer Love Hewitt to star.This cat knows what life is all about In 2004, it was reported that Garfield now appeared in 2600 newspapers in 111 countries with his merchandise grossing over 750 million dollars!

The Kitty Philosophy
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By: Tim Snyder
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