Fleas and Ticks: The Horrifying Facts

The flea - this horrific parasite wants to drink your pet's blood live in your home and lay thousands of eggs
Even though they are inconsequential in size, the more you learn about fleas and ticks the more horrifying they become. Like vampires they drink blood and they live on your pets, in your bed and even in your hair. And once they're in your home they multiply at a truly alarming rate...

Horrifying Fact! Fleas can live over 3 months, ticks up to 3 years.
Horrifying Fact! Once it's found a host, a flea will live on it until it dies.
Horrifying Fact! Adult, young (nymph) and baby (larvae) ticks feed on the host - a different host for each stage of its life.
Horrifying Fact! Fleas lay up to 50 eggs a day on a host. 25 fleas can multiply into a colony of 500,000 in one month.
Horrifying Fact! Ticks detach from the host then lay thousands of eggs in one go.
Horrifying Fact! Fleas spread bartonellosis and tapeworms, ticks spread lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
Horrifying Fact! Ticks can survive in near freezing temperatures.
Horrifying Fact! Unless prevented or detected and controlled, thousands of fleas and ticks will infest your home!

Controlling Fleas and Ticks
Given these gruesome facts and figures it's fair to say that preventing or controlling fleas and ticks isn't just vital for the health of your pets, it's vital for the health and wellbeing of your whole family.

Frontline Plus' range of tick and flea products kill existing parasites and prevent new infestations
  • Always check pets for fleas and ticks. This is doubly important right after they have been playing outside. Use a flea comb if necessary and be thorough; checking around ears, mouth, paws and armpits.
  • Have regular grooming sessions. Give Fido a full-body wash with a quality flea/tick preventative shampoo. This isn't just important in keeping fleas and ticks away, it's also a good way to bond with your dog.
  • Use an EPA approved tick and flea control product. These are usually once-a-moth applications that kill existing fleas/ticks and prevent further infestations. A popular vet-recommended parasite control brand is Frontline Plus.
  • Routine visits to the Vet. Probably the best line of defense against ticks, fleas and most canine ailments is a regular checkup for all your pets at the local veterinary clinic.
By John Bone
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