Five Different Types of Dog Crates You Never Knew Existed

"Dogs are not for our whole life, but they make our lives whole," said Roger Caras.

It's a sad but true reality; our dogs are our companions for only a portion of our lives. It's because of that daunting fact that many dog owners feel compelled to treat their pets like royalty. The commitment and friendship that a dog can offer a pet owner is a bond unlike any other, so it should come to no surprise that most people take the time to invest in quality when searching for pooch products.

According to Pet Experts, one of the most common expenses for dog owners are dog crates. Unlike other animals, dogs feel most comfortable and safe when they're curled up in a den-like environment. Cozy enough to feel secure, but small enough not to encourage potty accidents, a dog crate can offer incomparable refuge for dogs, especially inside a household with children and foot traffic.

Originally when a pet owner was shopping for a crate, they only needed to worry about the weight and length of their dog before making a purchase. Today, the options for quality dog crates are greater than ever before. Long gone are the days of boring steel wire crates that had the charm of a prison cell and the finish of a chain link fence. In fact, our team of animal lovers was shocked when we showed them the latest trends in crate designs we had tracked down.

Checking Out Some Fresh Dog Crate Designs

Whether you're looking to housebreak your pooch or just give them a comfy place to chill out, the value of a quality crate is one that your dog will appreciate. However, new dog owners may be a bit flustered when shopping for an appropriate design and size of crate. According to most veterinarians, if you have a full sized pooch, you want to measure your dog from the base of their tail to the tip of their nose. DO NOT use a crate that is any smaller than this length. All dog crates are properly proportioned, so pet owners only need to be concerned with the length of the crate.

As far as the design and the exterior are concerned, pet owners can let their creative juices run free. The different finishes and styles of crates and cages have been tailored to fit nearly any household. Check out these new Crates below:

  • Wicker Dog Crates: Surely you've heard of wicker furniture, but wicker dog crates? These brand new dog crates mix the elegance of wicker's design with the reliability of the durable material. Ever since Egyptian Times, people have relied on wicker's easy-to-clean fibers with its stylish woven embroider. These crates don't absorb fluids or smells and are made to fit small to X-Large sized dogs.

  • Soft Dog Crates: These "Canine Campers" are no joke. The portability and comfort level of these rivals traditional designs while allowing pet owners to bring their pooch's dens anywhere! Made by one of the top manufacturers in the industry, Midwest Pet Products, these are perfect for crate training pets and is easy to set up for traveling dog owners.

  • Large Dog Crates: When you have an oversized pooch, it can be difficult to find pet supplies that were meant to cater to your "gentle giant". This large crate measures 54' long, so even the biggest pooches won't feel cramped inside. Plus, it features a safe and secure bolt latch and modest black electro finish to compliment your home. Additionally, the company makes divider panels that can be easily installed in the crate to customize the size of the den for your growing dog.

  • Designer End Table Crates: The problem with putting a dog crate in most homes is that they can make a room feel cluttered. Unfortunately, if you end up placing your dog's crate in an "out of the way" area such as the laundry room or spare room, they may feel ostracized or punished when you close the door on their crate. Luckily, these new End Table Crates were designed to double as luxurious furnish, so you can include your dog in all social situations without having to deal with an unsightly metal cage.

  • Hideaway Dog Crates: Similarly to the End Table Dog Crates, these Hideaways were made to enhance the charm and "Zen Feeling" of a room, which is a new quality for any design of dog crate. These stylish wooden crates double as fine furniture. The luxurious exterior is available in Mahogany, Espresso or Natural Finish while the inside has been outfitted with a cozy, non-toxic and easy to clean panel that is perfect for dogs of all ages.

As you can see, the days of boring dog crate and cages are a thing of the past. Modern pet supply manufacturers have taken some notes from fine furniture craftsmen and designed some truly unique ways to keep you and your dog happy while he snuggles up in his den. So, when it's time for you to invest in a dog crate, remember that you can go a more modern route that has some style.

If you're still looking for a Dog Crate that is different than the common cage, be sure to ask the pet experts at by calling 800-957-5753. The animal lovers are more than happy to answer any questions about any of the pet products that we carry in our catalogue.

By Sean Bowes
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